10 Ways You Can Drape A Saree And Look Stunning

Sarees are the true epitome of class and charm at the same time. While you can have a lot of them and wear each on different occasions, it’s never too late to wear the same in different styles. Draping a saree is an art and there’s no end to it. You can keep it chic, casual or make it fun, it’s all up to you. 

On that note, here are ten best ways you can drape a saree and look absolutely stunning. 

1. Pleated drape

One of the most typical drapes we encounter is the pleated saree drape and you can undoubtedly choose Monjolika fashion sarees to have that perfect drape. Pleated drapes look great in wedding Kanjeevaram sarees as well as hefty designer sarees. Cotton sarees, on the other hand, are the most sought-after for a pleated drape. Nobody can deny the sophistication that pleated cotton sarees with a high neck blouse can provide.

2. Pant style drape

The pant style saree draping is a popular saree drape that is on the rise. It’s simple to put on and looks great. Perfect for wedding reception sarees and cocktail attire, we recommend you choose Monjolika fashion sarees for the look. As a bride, this would be an option for mehendi and you can easily carry it either with minimal makeup or a little glam. 

3. Gujarati drape

Although historically worn by Gujarati ladies, this Gujarati style drape is a popular choice for many. Bridal sarees have discovered that they are a choice with either a short or long pallu. Banarasi sarees, Patola sarees, Bandhani sarees, and Lehariya sarees with a short pallu are our top picks for this drape. 

4. Dhoti drape

Dhoti saree draping is comparable to pant saree draping and is a significant combination of tradition and modern. Dhoti sarees have been popularised by stunning actresses such as Samantha, Shilpa Shetty, and Sonam Kapoor, who have donned and rocked this saree drape.

5. Marathi drape

Nauvari Sarees are a speciality of Maharashtra. We recommend you to check the Monjolika fashion saree collection right now! Talking about the drape, It’s an exquisite drape with a longer length saree that looks stunning. They match it with a classic nosepin, which is also a must-have accessory.

6. Skirt drape

If you can wear a saree with pants, why not a skirt or a lehenga? The skirt saree has such a unique drape. Bridal sarees, bridesmaid sarees, and even wedding guest sarees are ideal. It has a saree wrapped in an unusual manner over a skirt or lehenga.

7. Lehenga drape

What if you want to wear your saree as if it were a lehenga? That is a possibility. You have a gorgeous lehenga to wear without ripping up your favourite saree with a simple drape of placing single pleats across your waist line and taking the pallu either the standard method or the Gujarati way!!

8. Bengali drape

In that unusual drape, the white and red unique sarees seem stunning. It’s really unusual how they put the keys on the end of the pallu to finish the Bengali drape. You may attempt it with their unique length saree or simply a conventional saree; Bengal cottons, of course, are a terrific choice for this.

9. Retro drape

If you’re planning a pre-wedding vintage theme, make sure your bridesmaids try on this retro saree drape. All they have to do is pick the best blinged-up georgettes or chiffon collection from Monjolika fashion sarees and drape it the right way.  

10. Scarf drape

If you wish to wear your saree over your neck, you should do it since it is pretty fashionable. You can make it appear like a scarf by adding a belt and other quirky accessories!! 

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