101 Good Topic For Fashion Dissertation

Selecting a good fashion dissertation topic plays a crucial role. If the topic of your choice does not have enough resources and ideas, you are in great trouble. So discuss a topic about which you have passion and an important part of an academic part of the view. If you are someone who has ever wondered what fashion dissertations are all about, you have come just to the right place. We understand it is hard to predict the topic that will be best for you and ultimately give you the best score. Consider analysing your subject knowledge and passion for the subject. If the confusion or dilemma still does not live off, you may seek guidance from professional experts of MyAssignmenthelp.com. They have some of the best writers around the world.

But for now, let’s check out some fashion dissertation topics on each category:

Fashion And Culture Dissertation Topics For 2022 

  • How is fashion reshaping western cultural values? Could you share your thoughts on it?
  • What is the reason for the increasing demand for natural fabric in 2021?
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the fashion industry
  • Difference between occasional shopping and obsession with shopping.
  • Comparative analysis of the fashion of royal families around the world.
  • The role of the fashion industry during coronavirus pandemic
  • The strong influence of western culture on political and cultural ideas of the current era
  • Influence of traditional wears on a society
  • Determine the relationship between culture, fashion and identity
  • Influence of western fashion on people across the globe
  • Share a significant connection between fashion and religion.
  • Crossover trends in the fashion industry
  • Influence of celebrations on the fashion industry
  • Impact of ethnic clothing on fashion trends in the UK and USA.
  • Tracing the social and cultural history of fashion to examine the fashion of modernity n the 21st century
  • Analyzing the clothing of reputable fashion writers
  • How eastern countries are adopting western fashion trends
  • The evolution of fashion trends in Eastern countries
  • Influence of western culture on the preferences and living standards of Asian consumers
  • Fashion trend introduces by the members of famous brands The Beatles.

Iconography Dissertation Topics 

  • Influence of celebrity culture on high street fashion
  • The unique look of the Sixties and Beatle Mania
  • The rise of the sneaker
  • The role of plastic surgery play in the formation of an icon
  • List of celebrities as fashion icons
  • James Dean and the café culture
  • Personal signature looks of iconic fashion models
  • Punk, The Sex Pistols and Westwood
  • Why Kylie Minogues is known to have the image of the pop princess
  • Mad for Madonna: The high and low fashions of eighties pop culture
  • Fashion revolution bought by Audrey Hepburn in the society
  • Do you find Justin Bieber is the fashion youth for the teenagers
  • Evolution of ball gown in the society
  • The little black dress of Audrey Hepburn
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Queen of diamonds
  • Iconic feminine dress of Grace Kelly
  • Katherine Hepburn: The first lady of princess
  • Laurel Bacall’s seductiveness in pencil skirts, pleated trousers, blazers and silk blouses
  • Madonna: Costume culture
  • Marilyn Monroe: The Seven year Itch look

Fashion Design Dissertation Topics 

  • The historical importance of fur in the fashion industry
  • Influence of digital marketing tools on the modern fashion world
  • Tuxedo and the suite since 1980
  • The evolution of swimwear from early to modern wear
  • The evolution of ball gown from the decades
  • Use of alternative materials for clothing
  • The modish Victorian challenge to design a bodice
  • Check Vs. Plaid
  • Bright street style trends
  • Textile and apparel resting
  • The emergence of T-shorts
  • Nylon- Most ravishing fashion innovation
  • The origin of maxi and mini skirts
  • Why do you think leather garments are going out of existence?
  • The concept of school dresses and designing
  • Evolution of beach-wear
  • How do you think Sari came into existence
  • Investigate the decline of the tie
  • How is formal wear becoming less prevalent in workplaces?
  • The origin of the waistcoat

Children’s Apparel Dissertation Topics 

  • Twinning or mini-me trends
  • Athleisure
  • Unisex trends
  • Floral prints
  • Asymmetrical cut dresses
  • The role of a smartphone with designing fashion trends among children
  • Academic dress in the education arena
  • The demand of hair accessories like hair tiaras, hairpins, hair bands for children
  • Street style
  • Warm looks with embroidery
  • Impact of COVID-19 on children’s apparel
  • Ocean and sea themes for children’s apparel
  • Preference for easy movement, convenience and comfort in children’s apparel
  • Down Syndrome Toddlers: New face of UK fashion brand
  • Do you think personalised baby clothing is making its way to the forefront in the market?
  • Demand for organic clothing for young ones
  • Why are people shifting from fast fashion to children’s wear?
  • The obsession of trying adult look in children’s fashion wear
  • Boho-chic swimming costumes for the summer season
  • The origin of the motif

Fashion Entrepreneurship Dissertation Topics

  • State the factors affecting the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the culture industry and UK fashion. Explain it with a case study of any five enterprises.
  • Analyse iconic women entrepreneurs in the fashion industry
  • Developing a viable business plan for a fashion board
  • Social media marketing is the most effective tool for luxury fashion brands.
  • Fashion marketing and its contemporary issues
  • Describe the making of a female entrepreneur in the world of fashion
  • Challenges and opportunities of fashion design entrepreneurship
  • The role of trade fairs in the international fashion business
  • Discuss the challenges or issues faced by entrepreneurs in the fashion industry
  • The role of women in today’s fashion trends
  • Discuss the success and failure factors that are affecting the apparel business
  • Fashion entrepreneurship education: A guide on potential fashion entrepreneurs
  • The role of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry
  • Fashion design entrepreneurship: Necessary skills and solution for Creating a business
  • How clothes are becoming a way of showing the class of a person
  • Popular fashion trends followed by top entrepreneurs
  • What factors to consider for opening a new fashion business in the US or UK?
  • Influence of digital marketing tools on the growth of small businesses
  • Entering the era of liberalism: A closer look at the fashion trends of 1920s
  • Contribution of fashion entrepreneurship to the economic growth of the country

No matter what category you might be looking for, you will find a wide range of fashion dissertation topics. Choose your topic quick, as we will share some rules and tips on fashion dissertation structure with you.

Tips On Writing A Fashion Dissertation 

Now that you have picked the topic, let’s discuss how to write a fashion dissertation. The tips will especially come from the team of experts of MyAssignmenthelp.com. We hope the following tips from the professionals help with building a good fashion dissertation.

Initiate Broad Research On Your Topic 

The research will be the prime factor that will help you decide the main theme and gather valuable materials for the main study.

Create An Appropriate Dissertation Title 

Following the theme, you will have to come up with a suitable title. I should be ye-catchy, engaging and unique for the readers.

The Central Part Of Fashion Dissertation 

This is the most important part, and you will need to have the following segments:


Your arguments will have to be based on the actual findings of your research, along with your personal views.


You will have to provide contradictory reasoning about the preceding argument. This is an essential part of the dissertation and must include the individual viewpoint of the author.

Critical Analysis 

Your fashion dissertation is incomplete without a critical analysis of the opinions and theories presented by other researchers. This part entails a deep understanding of the area under discussion.

Get An Early Feedback 

If possible, show your work to the supervisor at an earlier stage. They will be able to alert you to problems sooner, and you will have time to rectify the errors.

Use Reference Manager 

Try using a reference manager like Zotero and Endnote, which will help you keep track of the books and papers you might require to cite.

Writing a dissertation on fashion will not be easy. If you still feel like you require more guidance on o writing a well-structured fashion dissertation, read the following section.

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