8 Tips for Staying Safe While Running in The Dark

While most individuals prefer running in the sun’s warmth in the early morning, busy schedules make one resort to adopting the evening running routine.

If running in the dark is your only option, then you should be wary of certain things.

Here are some safety tips or precautions for running in the dark.

8 Safety Tips for Running at Night

1)      Be visible

If you are running in the early morning, dusk or night, wear white, yellow, or glow in the dark colours to remain visible to traffic or passers-by. In addition, wear reflective gear. Though some items like jackets, shoes, and jackets have reflective items attached to them, it doesn’t hurt to add more of them. A headlamp also helps you stay visible in the dark.

If you are anti-reflective to neon leggings, you can snag some reflective tape or stickers used by cyclists to outline critical parts of your favourite running gear. No matter what you do, it is essential for you to be visible to the surrounding people. Unless you want to spend quick online loans in Ireland on meeting medical emergencies.

2)      Keep a lamp handy

Take a lighting torch or something with you when you lace up for running at night. It will help you keep track of your steps and help you avoid getting hit by a stone, people, or cars. Apart from that, adopt a safe and unoccupied road to run freely.

You can opt for a path with street lights or a track of stadium lights. However, if the path you desired the most lacks both, then it is great to have a lamp handy. The hats, headbands, straps with built-in lights will help you guide through the obstacles in the path and ensure a smooth run.

3)      Carry a water-bottle

Most people believe they do not need water while running at night. But this is indeed false. It is ideal for carrying water with you as it prevents dehydration. Your body requires the same fuel during a morning or evening run.

If you are tracking at night and forget to carry your sipper, then it is ideal to choose the track that can help you with the water resources. It is especially important in the summer and spring seasons. Humidity makes you lose on covering the target distance. And thus, it is suggested to carry water in some form with you.

4)      Carry smartphone

Having your phone and identification with you is critical for safety regardless of the time of day. A smartphone can be of great use to you for listening to music, tracking your run, and, of course, in emergency situations.

 Moreover, it is also helpful in case you lose track of or lose your path. Along with having emergency numbers handy, keep your ID as well. Be sure to put your smartphone in a sandwich bag or a waterproof case.

5)      Stick to familiar paths

To avoid missing routes or losing track, it is advisable to stick to the paths you are familiar with. However, it is essential for the evening runners to be unpredictable and do not stick to the same routes every time. It is critical from a safety perspective as well.

Even if you have multiple familiar paths to run on, it is always better to have a safe emergency escape where you haven’t been ever. Keep your GPS on for your friends and family to have a track of your location and whereabouts.

6)      Ask your buddy to join

Many runners prefer to run alone and enjoy their company. Running helps you collect your thoughts, avoid and bathe all your chaos of the day, and provides an opportunity to think and start afresh with something that’s been on your mind for a long.

But despite all this, it is ideal to have a company with you on the dark streets. It will help you achieve your target without a tinge of monotony and help you feel safe and relaxed.

Choose someone with whom you are most comfortable.

7)      Carry a pepper spray

Pepper spray is a symbol of safety, especially for women. As a result, if you are a woman running at night, it is an essential addition to your sports bag. Pepper spray is easy to carry, effortless to use, and has an immediate impact. In case you find yourself in an uncomfortable position, it is always better to frighten- off the attacker or the stalker.

8)      Remain Alert

You should always monitor the track and an ear on the surroundings to avoid getting caught off-guard. Experts, owing to this, advise not to carry headphones at night. Even if you want to, keep the sound level where you can still hear the surrounding voice.

Moreover, if you are a hard-core music fan, you can choose to carry wire-fewer earphones bone-conduction ones. Check your eligibility for a poor credit loan without a guarantor and ensure your safety in the night. These headphones help you send sound waves via vibration, keeping your eyes adaptable to the noises that surround you.

Is running at night bad for your health?

Running is essential for your health, regardless of the time of day. It is essential to keep track of your steps and refrain from over-running. Although it is not proven that running late at night is bad for you or that it can interfere with your sleep pattern, some research indicates that late-night exercise can increase the heart rate before sleep.

Is Running at night good for weight loss?

If you are eying weight loss and that too quickly, then it is critical to stick to your running routine- evening, morning, or night, whichever is suitable for you. And according to research, running in the evening improves heart rate and blood lactate levels. Apart from this, other research revealed improved performance at night compared to the morning workout. And most of all, it entirely depends on the routine you are comfortable with. Although arming yourself with the above things may surely help you avoid every obstacle to running late hours, don’t let your confidence fluctuate. Stay focused on your path and surroundings for the sake of your workout. Run with confidence, with no trace of vulnerability. Have the best run of your day.