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Graduation is a holiday that happens only once in a lifetime, so they prepare for it ahead of time. This day symbolizes the transition from childhood to adulthood. On this day, all girls want to look fashionable, beautiful and independent. It is the desire to become the most-most often leads to the creation of absurd images that do not correspond to a young, tender age.

Our article will help you choose a unique dress that will ideally suit not only the solemnity of the event, but also your individual characteristics. These criteria include features of the figure and color type.

The dress is the foundation of your look. If you know what kind of outfit you will wear for prom, you can easily pick up such nuances as shoes, accessories, make-up and hairstyle.

Fortunately, the 2020 prom dresses are presented in a fairly extensive palette of colors, textures and shades. Cut types can also be very different, so any young lady can find her own special dress .

Which color should you choose?

First, let’s talk about trending colors. In 2021, pastel shades of lilac, pink, beige and lemon colors are relevant for prom dresses. It is these shades that harmonize so well with youth and freshness. Even white and oily shades at the moment belong not only to wedding dresses, but also find their embodiment in prom looks.

More saturated colors also have the full right to be present at the prom. Passionate red, blueberry, purple and even black. You can safely choose a dress of one of these shades and you will not go wrong.

But still, you should not be guided by trends alone, we also recommend paying attention to your color type. It is quite simple to define it based on hair color.


  • Summer color type. Belongs to girls with light blond hair. All cool shades of lilac and blue will suit you. The evening dress can be chosen in pale pink or pearl colors.
  • Spring color type. The fair sex with blonde hair with a golden or red tint. Warm, vibrant colors are perfect for you. Peach, yellow, green.
  • Autumn color type. Red-haired beauties and girls with brown hair with a golden tint. You will look advantageous in dresses made in a rich reddish palette.
  • Color type “winter”. This includes brunettes with dark chocolate or black hair. Black and white combinations are in perfect harmony with this color type, as well as shades of purple, emerald and cobalt.

Choose a dress for your body type

Another important detail when choosing a dress is the type of figure. Knowing exactly what types of cut are suitable for your parameters, you can choose not only a fashionable evening dress , but also one that will perfectly fit your figure.

So, for example, girls with narrow shoulders can afford to buy a dress decorated with ruffles or decor on the sleeves and shoulders. In this case, the neckline should be round.

It is advisable for chubby girls to pay attention to a dress with vertical inserts that are able to visually stretch the silhouette.

The type of figure “apple” (with a wide waist) is well combined with fluffy skirts and a long wrap skirt.

Moving on to the choice of style

One of the styles most beloved by many girls is a dress of the year or as it is also called “the little mermaid”. This dress has a fitted silhouette, flared to the bottom. The figure in the dress of the year looks incredibly feminine and sophisticated. Often, models of such a plan are complemented by lace or mesh.

Dresses of a year look spectacular with an open back or shoulders. Also, the model can complement the cut. For young ladies who want to create an aristocratic image, dresses with a train are offered.

For a prom dress in the style of the “little mermaid” it is permissible to use all kinds of rhinestones, jewelry, embroidery and flower decoration. The more expensive the fabric, the better. The ideal option is a silk year dress.

Little black prom dress

A modern graduate is not a fairy-tale princess in rhinestones and a dress with a crinoline. This is a stylish graceful lady who knows how to emphasize the advantageous sides of her figure. She follows fashion trends and knows how to combine clothes and accessories. For such a girl, a little black prom dress would be perfect.

Advantages of a little black prom dress

black prom dress
  1. Black is the most elegant and versatile color for which it is easy to match shoes and a handbag;
  2. a suitable style of a black dress will make a slender girl even slimmer and hide flaws in owners of imperfect forms;
  3. under a discreet black dress, it is easier to do styling and makeup. There will be enough black arrows, red lips and a sloppy bun;
  4. in a black outfit, you will stand out at the prom. While most female graduates show off “all the best at once,” you will radiate elegance and femininity;
  5. you can easily find prom dresses in black, because suitable models are sold in every second store.

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Options for black prom dresses


Guests of social events and various awards ceremonies often opt for long black dresses. They look expensive and elegant. The dress can be completely closed in the front and have a stunning cutout on the back. Complement it with a necklace, a clutch and collect your hair in a “shell” or bun. Another interesting option is a black dress with a corset and a long, airy skirt with a train. Finish the look with silver jewelry, a clutch and neat sandals. Don’t forget to get Hollywood styling and red lipstick.


A black sheath dress made of cotton or satin will suit slender girls and elegantly emphasize the curves of the figure. It will be complemented by a high hairstyle.The case is well combined with both plain pumps and bright models. You can replace shoes with high-heeled sandals, but without a platform.


A fluffy skirt, open shoulders, an accent on the waist – even black color will not hide the beauty of your figure. A stylish short black prom dress will be complemented by a silver, black or bright pair of shoes. Graceful sandals with thin bindings or neat pumps are ideal. The baby-doll dress is harmoniously combined with loose hair with a light wave, with a bun and high styling. A small handbag on a long chain will complete the look.

Lingerie style dress

This is the style for the daring ladies who follow the trends. A silk dress with lace trim, imitating a nightgown, will not be understood by everyone. But fashion critics will give you an “Excellent” rating! Play a black lace prom dress with classic black or beige pumps, throw an oversized jacket over your shoulders and put on large earrings. Hair can be collected in a messy ponytail or bun.

Robe dress

If you are a lucky owner of luxurious forms, a black robe will present them at their best. A thin belt will accentuate the waist, the V-neckline will accentuate the neckline. For a graduation celebration, stop at the midi length – the most winning and elegant. Tie your hair into a high ponytail or style it high. Complete the look with a large ring, a small handbag and pointed shoes.

You are afraid to overdo it and look too ridiculous. If you cannot decide on the choice among the huge assortment of evening dresses. You don’t know about fashion trends. If at least one of the three cases applies to you – a little black dress will be a real salvation! With the right accessories, hair and makeup, you’ll be the prom queen!

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