Beautiful Pajamas Trends 2022

Today, such a familiar wardrobe item as beautiful pajamas is not only sleepwear, but also a huge field for the creativity of designers and stylists. The main theme of the presented collections was femininity with all the ensuing features: a bright dominant on sensual luxury and an emphasis on the nobility of textures. Beautiful pajamas for girls have become emphatically sexy and sensual: the styles are dominated by bare shoulders, spaghetti straps, deep neckline, mega-sexy shorts. In order not to be unfounded, consider the models that won a standing ovation from the fashion and style sophisticated audience.

Short pajamas

Summer pajamas predictably lead the way in this category . The main materials from which the most beautiful pajamas are made are:

  • muslin;
  • silk;
  • atlas;
  • batiste.

Styles are not overloaded with complex cut lines, but perfectly emphasize the silhouette and, thanks to this, turn pajamas with shorts into exclusive outfits for a comfortable stay.

The top is most often a T-shirt on the thinnest straps, in which there is no room for pretentious decor. A strip of the finest lace in the neckline easily replaces pretentious jewelry. Another equally effective option is a short sleeved nightdress. The floors and collar can be decorated with contrasting or plain piping. Satin or silk, embodied in this style, revive the fashion for sophistication and sophistication.

Short pajamas

Pants pajamas

Pajamas with trousers do not stand out from the general trend: at the peak of popularity, frankly feminine styles with an accented neckline, non-trivial cut of sleeves and openwork trim. High-quality cotton or viscose jersey, which are in no way inferior in their qualities, have become a worthy alternative to pleasant and noble silk in the collections of this season. Such models look pretentious, and in terms of comfort they even “surpass” silk ones. The upper part of the pajamas can be presented:

  • T-shirt;
  • long sleeve;
  • T-shirt;
  • nightgown with long or short sleeves.

For warm pajamas , denser, but soft and delicate fabrics are used. Microfiber, jersey, fleece, flannel are in the lead. Democratic fabrics dictate their own rules: form-fitting silhouettes, comfortable raglan, deep necklines. Mega-feminine, delicate, and without a single hint of sportiness or utilitarian style. And, it should be noted, such design decisions are beneficial for the presentation of the female figure as a whole.

Pants pajamas

Colors and prints

The crazy popularity of the oriental theme is fully reflected in home clothes : today you can buy fashionable pajamas with stylized ornaments and patterns, exquisite paisley, dragons and exotic birds – in the top of women’s preferences.

Geometric patterns, authentic for sleepwear, have not lost their former popularity: pajamas with stripes , cages, polka dots, made in deliberately feminine styles, have a special charisma and always find their admirers.

Are you in no rush to part with your childhood? Choose models with original prints in the form of anime characters and Disney cartoons. Such pajamas captivate with their comfort, look very touching and a little flirty.

Do you love flowers in all their forms? Take advantage of the free stylist advice: Forget about grandma’s flower scattering this season. Don’t overlook romantic motifs in the form of birds of paradise and weightless butterflies.

Colors and prints

Shopping at Glem: buy beautiful pajamas

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