Why to Buy Aluminum Baseball Bats

Every baseball player knows and understands the value of a quality baseball bat. He understands that when the baseball is thrown at you, your bat needs to be able to respond in good time and hit it as hard and as far as possible; the further the better. To do this, the baseball bat needs to be of exceptional quality, free from the risk of being too heavy or too weak as the former will definitely result in a complete embarrassing miss of the ball while the latter might see the bat breaking into pieces whenever full-on contact is made with the baseball.

Cost effective baseball bats

While the normal wooden bats have been used since the inception of the game, modern technology has seen the introduction of lighter, faster and highly efficient aluminum baseball bats. These bats have taken the sport to a whole new level, much to the delight of the players as well as baseball enthusiasts.

Advantages of aluminum baseball bat

  1. Due to its hollowness, an aluminum baseball bat is significantly light making it quite comfortable on the hands, unlike the wooden bats which can be quite strenuous on the arms and shoulders especially during practice. Come the day of the actual game, performance of the players could be greatly undermined due to aching joints. An aluminum bat takes care of this problem. It is easy to swing because of its seemingly paper-light weight.
  2. As a result of their light weight, aluminum bats are considerably faster to swing unlike wooden bats. Their faster swinging speeds can be attributed to the fact that their center of gravity is located closer to the hands rather than the ground as is the case with wooden baseball bats.
  3. Aluminum bats are superior in strength and last longer. Regardless of how hard you swing and hit the ball, an aluminum bat will not break. While other bats tend to break when a player hits the ball too close to the hand, an aluminum bat comfortably withstands the shock.
  4. The “trampoline effect”- this in simple term means that when the ball hits the bat, it bounces off it rather than losing its initial energy and momentum as a result of compression normally experienced in wooden bats. The inside of an aluminum bat compresses like a spring, causing the ball to bounce off it without losing much of its original speed and energy.
  5. Aluminum bats have what is referred to as a “sweet spot” within baseball circles. This means it is easier for players to hit balls harder and more frequently compared to wooden bats.


  1. Due to its superior performance and quality, buy aluminum baseball bats don’t come cheap. A single bat could easily cost up to three times more than a wooden bat.
  2. Aluminum bats are not allowed in major league games (due to their “sweet spots”) making them popular only in little league games and college baseball games.
  3. Though quite expensive in the initial stages, aluminum bats will prove to be quite a worthwhile investment when you don’t have to replace them after a number of games due to breakages. All they need is regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Slazenger Aluminium Baseball Bat Set

This Slazenger quality Aluminium Baseball Bat Set includes a 34″ bat and a baseball.

  • > Baseball set
  • > 9″ baseball
  • > Red stitching> 34″ aluminium bat
  • > Solid rubber and cork core

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