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Everything about Razer blade 15 2018 h2

Everything about Razer blade 15 2018 h2

The majority of the excitement surrounding gaming laptops is centered around the possibility of multi-tasking. It’s wonderful to play PC games with ultra-high settings on a slim and light laptop — something that the brand new Razer Blade 15 is able to do well — but the trick is to find one that works as a normal laptop, one that can be ablaze in intense workflows such as editing photos, with more than a dozen tabs open, and Slack all at once.

A lot of gaming laptops we’ve tested are capable of doing these things but they’re not equipped with the more specific comforts that make up the best laptops: long battery life, an outstanding trackpad and solid build quality and speakers that are well-sounding.

The latest Blade 15 starts at $1,899 however, this model equipped with a six-core Core i7 processor, GTX 1070 MaxQ, a full HD display with 144Hz and 512GB of SSD retails at $2,599, making it a costly machine. The equivalent MacBook Pro with an older quad-core processor 16GB RAM, as well as the 512GB storage cost $2,799. The MSI GT65 with the same specs sells at $1,999 only at BestBuy.

It’s a great laptop for gaming. Razer Blade 15 is expensive and it offers you a lot of features lacking in lesser gaming laptops. It has raised my expectations as an outstanding gaming laptop but also a good laptop overall. It is, however, hot when under stress.


This latest version of Razer Blade 15 is a refreshing upgrade. Razer Blade 15 is unibody designs that are squared off and has the slimmest footprint that the 15.6-inch notebook in the class. It has the highest design and build of any laptop for gaming. there’s no keyboard nor palm rest that can flex and the screen must be twisted vigorously to show any stretch. This is quite impressive for a light and thin device which weighs 4.63 pounds and is only 0.68 millimeters thick.

High-end laptops can’t FLEX. RAZER IS READY TO WORK THIS

On the sides on the sides, on the sides, Blade 15 has three USB-A ports and one USB-C Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, mini DisplayPort, 3.5mm combo audio jack as well as a unique powered jack that is reversible. This covers the majority of ports that you’ll require for gaming however it would be ideal to have had the SD slot to use for creativity.

Razer’s unibody style evokes the Apple MacBook Pro, and it gives a high-end, luxurious computer that is worth the price. However, with the most modern technology and the most powerful graphics cards it appears as if the specs sheet has grown out of the design of the chassis.

In the case of heavy use When you’re working hard, the Razer Blade 15 gets scorching hot. It’s, with no exaggeration or exaggeration, the hottest gaming laptop I’ve experienced. The heat is felt beyond that row of function keys into the rests of your palms. This isn’t a item you’re able to ignore when you’re playing for long enough on the Blade you’ll feel heat under your fingers and palms. Don’t bother trying to play the Blade in your lap.

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Razer states that Blade 15 Blade 15 has a “vapor chamber cooling system” which is a unique system consisting up of 68 exchanges, and two fans with 44 blades. They are supposed to help disperse the heat inside the machine and then move away from your body. The system is effective enough to stop that the Blade 15 from overheating and shutting down. However, you still feel warm on the palm rests and also the suction of air by the fans close to the left “Tab” as well as the right “Enter” buttons.

The heat issue is only an issue when processing heavy (gaming or video editing etc. ) However, Blade 15 is a quiet laptop. Blade 15 keeps a quiet and cool profile, with Firefox tabs and Spotify, Discord, and Slack applications running. However, this Blade 15 was built to play — and it can however it’s more difficult to manage the heat than other laptops of this type. This leads to not just discomfort however, there’s also a worry that the Blade’s premium internal components are more likely to wear out that if cool more effectively.

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Razer’s default display on the Blade 15 is a 60Hz FHD display, which comes with the option of 144Hz FHD as well as 60Hz options for 4K. I’m unable to imagine a scenario where you’d invest $1,899 in gaming laptops without benefitting of a display with a higher refresh rate which is why gamers should pay to get the faster 144Hz display or leave. Video editors and photographers are better served by the 4K resolution panel that is higher-resolution, that also has touch capabilities and 100 % Adobe RGB coverage.

The 144Hz display is darker than the other laptops, evidently so, an issue that is marginally offset by its claims of 100 percent sRGB conformity. Utilizing a Spyder5Ultimate colorimeter I got 95 percent coverage of sRGB instead of the claimed 100 percent. Mass-produced displays might have a little variance but, Razer claims both the FHD and 4K models are properly calibrated right from the factory. It’s also not likely to be visible to the naked eyes.

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Overall the Blade 15’s display performs admirably in quality of color reproduction. It has enough brightness, contrast, and vibrance to discern the differences in colors when playing an intense game like Destiny 2. The screen’s dimness can be difficult to play with it Blade 15 outdoors or by an open window that is sunny, however it’s suitable to play indoors.

The Blade’s keyboard is comparable to that of the previous generation, offering an excellent tactile experience as well as highly configurable RGB illumination options. The keys, however, are quite tiny, particularly for the size of a laptop like this.

The Keycaps on these keys won’t get larger, so why would they?

It’s not only a matter of personal preference, as just a glance at rival laptops that are in the same class will reveal that Blade 15 has the smallest keyscaps. It’s possible that I have quick fingers, but I made a few errors before getting used to the keyboard. It took me a couple of days. Additionally, the shift key is located to the left of the arrow key, making it extremely difficult to become accustomed to.

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Despite some blunders however, it’s still a great machine. Blade 15 has great performance as well as a stylish and sleek design. the ability to allow user-specific customization all the way to the speed of fan. Unfortunately, most of the excitement wears off when you see what hot Blade 15 can get under intense workload.

It’s almost everything I’ve ever wished for… ALMOST

However, the Razer Blade 15 remains the most successful attempt at a premium gaming laptop that also functions as a standard, everyday computer. It offers the highest quality of build, sound and battery life that any gaming laptop. It is still able to play like an actual desktop. Additionally it’s light and thin enough to carry it wherever you go. All in all the Blade 15’s cost, it is well worth it.

Razer Blade 15 (Late 2018) Review

Razer recently launched a revolutionary play on the market for gaming laptops with 15 inches by launching Razer Blade 15, Razer Blade 15 it awed with its sleek design and impressive performance. However, due to its price that even the richest gamers could not enjoy the gaming until the present.

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From 15,000 (reviewed for $1,799) The most recent version of the Blade comes with the gorgeous sturdy design we’ve come to associate by the Intel Core i7 processor as well as the Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU. It’s also among the very first Razer notebooks with dual storage as well as Gigabit Ethernet. The latest Blade provides a superior instruction in navigating the tangled path between power and affordability.


Blade 15 Blade 15 is an ’80s nostalgia piece in the most perfect way. The tiny, round corners give the laptop the shape of a box that conjures thoughts of the epaulette shoulder pads that were found on vintage women’s suits. Perhaps it’s because I’ve got Huey Lewis or The News’ “Hip To Be Square” played on repeat in my mind. It’s with a funky, retro style that I’m loving.

As with the rest of Blades The majority of Blade 15 is made of its dark CNC-machined aluminum. The lid (which has a noticeable flexibility at the center) features Razer’s trademark triangular serpent that casts an attractive shimmer.

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As I opened its lid my eyes were glued to the Chroma keyboardthat was seated in its small recess, appeared to be stars shining in the darkness of space, which lies beneath the aluminum black chassis. To maximize the brightness on the keyboard speakers are placed on the opposite end of the recess, with the power button hidden inside one of the speakers on the left.

I was able to write about 65 words in a minute during the typing test at 10FastFingers just a little lower than my normal 70 words per minute.

With a size of 5 3 inches wide The Blade 15’s touchpad is huge. In contrast to the defunct Blade 14 and the 15-inch, the 15-inch has discarded the mouse’s discrete buttons and replaced them with the huge pad. Windows 10 gestures such as pinch-zoom , three-finger swipes work well. It was even simple to launch from the Action Center. The lower edges of the touchscreen were responsive for left and right mouse buttons.

With the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q graphics card that comes with 6GB of RAM .

The Blade 15 has no problems getting high frame rates for all the demanding games at higher settings.

In the course of my Witcher 3 playthrough, I ambushed a group of bandits mounted on horses and struck one of the enemies. His arm flew away with a beautiful 60 frames per second on Ultra at 1920 1080 pixels. The settings went up to 65 frames per second when I turned the settings down to High.

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In our Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark and it was evident that the Blade 15 hit 37 fps which was well above the average of 33 fps for mainstream gaming. With a fully 1060 GPU the Hero II edged out the Blade by a factor of 38 fps however, it was the Stealth Thin and the m15 with their GTX 1070 Max-Q GPUs recorded 49 and 44 fps respectively.