Festive Wear Has A New Twist: Pockets-full of Style

Pockets in Style for Festive and Bridal Wear

It is no longer the case that brides sat at one place at their weddings and acted coy. Get to know the new-age brides who believe in having fun and making the most of every moment. Nowadays, brides tend to stay away from lehengas weighing more than 1,000 pounds because they are restrictive. In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift from grand everything to comfort elegance. Considering that no one can be without their phones for very long nowadays, the new-age brides need something that helps them keep their phones on them too. That is why so many designers are now including pockets in Indian clothing! Here are some of the benefits unsaid of the trend…

A Unique And Unconventional Idea

Regardless of whether you’re a bride looking to make a statement or a friend attending a wedding looking to look chic, the couture pockets trend can definitely do wonders for your look. Indian dresses work well with pockets. 

The pockets are everywhere this season, whether they’re in heavy, designer lehengas or silk sharara pants with studded crop tops, or even in new-age saris with pockets. There is one trend that seems to be on the rise. In addition, women of every age group seem to enjoy pockets on their clothes.

A ruffled saree adorned with Indus prints in magenta and beige

Sharara Saree with pockets

Here’s another option for a saree lover who’s not so into the discomfort that may come with heavy, traditional sarees. It has an unabashedly Indian look, a vintage appeal, and just the right amount of western charm with the ruffles on the pants and pallu!

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Functionality and Form

As cute as they are, pockets have a purpose in addition to being cute. A bride who has to search for her phone and ask different people for it at her wedding can now simply keep her phone with her at all times.

Lehengas with pockets are a new twist on Indian dress. These pockets attach to the garment as an accessory. With their pockets now serving as clutches, brides no longer need them. It’s now possible to enjoy the function/event without having to worry about your phone or important accessories.

A little quirky and a little chic

Pockets do not make an outfit look manly, and those who believe so are completely wrong.

To an otherwise traditional outfit, pockets add a modern and quirky touch. It has become increasingly popular in the past few years as brides or even women attending weddings or functions want to look their chic best and keep their phones close by.

Keep These Things In Mind…

Avoid flaunting the trend too much and ending up with bulging pockets. Having stuffed several things into your pockets can lead to bulging pockets. If you’re a bride, don’t stuff more than one item in your pocket; it’s only going to look awful in your wedding pictures. 

If you want them to be able to carry two items in the pockets, make sure they are double-lined. Both the outfit and the pockets should be the same color.

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