So that a super fashionable cashmere item does not become a disappointment, you need to know how to properly care for a cashmere coat so that it retains its attractiveness as long as possible. It is worth noting that models made of natural wool have a rather high cost, and for many girls, buying such a thing for each season will be unreasonably expensive. Our company Glem is a stylish outerwear from the manufacturer , and we know everything about the coat. In this article, we will share information about important aspects that will extend the life of your favorite model.

How to care for a cashmere coat: tips

The benefits of cashmere coats are the topic of a separate article. In the light of familiarity with the conditions for caring for a coat, it will be more important to consider their shortcomings. And these include:

  • poor resistance to crushing and the formation of creases;
  • ability to absorb moisture;
  • exposure to moths.

So, first. Wool products, including cashmere, can wrinkle. And no matter how the manufacturers assure you otherwise, after a trip, sitting in public transport, creases that are unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view can form on the hem. We get rid of them with the help of an iron. 

Many irons have a steam function, and this mode is ideal for restoring a wrinkled area. If there is no such function, you should carefully study the label sewn inside the coat: it usually contains important recommendations for washing and ironing the product. Among this information, we are interested in the temperature indicated on the miniature iron. As a rule, the symbols on it indicate that the optimum temperature of the soleplate of the iron should not exceed 100 degrees. You need to follow this recommendation so as not to spoil the cashmere pile, otherwise, a bald spot may appear on the surface of the fabric. Do not press hard on the iron. Arm yourself with the motto: “Gently, even more gently!”.

Never iron the stained area, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the stain: the dirt under the influence of heat can eat even deeper into the fibers.

The second point of care procedures for natural fabrics concerns getting rid of excess moisture. Spring and autumn in our climate zone are a time of heavy rainfall. Of course, if it’s raining outside, then wearing a cashmere coat that day is a crime against a noble fabric. But, if, nevertheless, bad weather took you by surprise, it is better to dry the coat in a horizontal position, spreading it on a clean towel. By hanging a wet coat on a coat hanger, deformation cannot be avoided. After drying, run your hand several times in different directions over the surface of the material. This will “beat up” the pile and make it attractive.

How to wash a cashmere coat

In the process of wearing your favorite coat, pollution inevitably appears. The most vulnerable areas are the edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the hem. However, no one is immune from stains. How to clean a cashmere coat so as not to harm its color, shape and texture of the fabric?

On some resources on the Web, you can often find advice regarding washing coats. Some “experts” recommend hand washing, while others recommend washing on a delicate cycle. Glem experts consider these measures too radical. Be sure that after such manipulations, restoring the original appearance of the coat is an almost impossible mission. It is best to get rid of general pollution with the help of dry cleaning. But small areas can be completely cleaned at home.

This will require a synthetic detergent for delicate fabrics or wool, warm water (30-35 degrees) and a sponge. Wet the sponge and work the dirt, and then repeat the procedure several times already with a clean, damp sponge to remove any residue. Dry and iron the cleaned area as above, and voila! Your coat is flawless again.

Nuances of storage and socks

Another important condition for maintaining the original appearance of your coat is proper storage. Buy a special cover made of ventilated synthetic fabric. It will protect outerwear from contact with other inhabitants of your wardrobe and from moths. And a special insect repellent will reduce the risk of tissue damage to zero.

Find an opportunity not to wear the same coat every day. This is dictated not by the requirements of fashion and not by the desire to emphasize one’s wealth. The peculiarity of cashmere is that its natural fibers “love” such a rest very much: the pile will straighten and restore a fresh original look.

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Coat or jacket: choosing outerwear for autumn With the advent of cold weather, outerwear for autumn is one of the most sought-after items in fashion boutiques and online stores. Despite the fact that stylists and fashion designers offer new shapes, colors, styles, volumes every season, two things will certainly remain relevant both on fashion catwalks and in the basic wardrobe of Ukrainian women. The undisputed leaders of women’s preferences have been and remain demi-season coats and jackets. The experts at Glem, a leading manufacturer of women’s clothing, believe that it is better to have both. In our assortment you will always find wholesale stylish outerwear that will anticipate the needs of the most sophisticated customers in matters of style and fashion.

1:0 in favor of the coat

Of course, a coat is an ideal option to emphasize your own individuality, femininity and originality. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from these days. Trendy coat styles for autumn impress with a variety of styles, but before choosing a coat, it is better to weigh the pros and cons. Definitely, the pluses in the piggy bank of arguments for a coat will be:

  • office work;
  • predominance in the wardrobe of clothes in business and classic styles;
  • the presence of a car, because, you see, public transport is not a place for an expensive exquisite coat – a dressing gown made of cashmere or alpaca;
  • the proximity of the workplace, and, as a result, the ability to go to work on foot;
  • calm and measured lifestyle.

Before buying a coat, it is worth considering that this type of clothing is much more demanding in care, and you often have to spend time making your favorite thing look neat and keep an attractive appearance for as long as possible.

Arguments in favor of a jacket

Demi-season jackets are the prerogative of energetic and active girls who have to manage to get to the right place at the right time during the day. Fortunately, they will not be left without a cherished purchase. By the way, there are quite elegant models. And a lot of useful information on how to choose a jacket to be in trend and demonstrate your commitment to the most fashionable trends. The jacket is the number 1 choice for ladies who:

  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • have in the wardrobe mainly clothes in a sports or casual style;
  • go in for sports and often attend training;
  • have recently become mothers, and walking in the fresh air with a baby is an urgent need;
  • often use public transport during rush hour;
  • have a dog that needs to be walked;
  • do not have enough time to carefully care for outerwear.

The winter version of the jacket is a down jacket that will warm you no worse than a thick wool coat. Modern fillers, synthetic winterizer, holofiber, polyester are not inferior, and sometimes even surpass the thermal insulation properties of natural fabrics.

By the way, natural fillers are used by manufacturers quite often: the most popular of them are duck down and feather, camel and rabbit hair. But caring for such things is somewhat more difficult than for jackets with synthetic counterparts.

Fashion compromises

If the above arguments were not enough to choose the winner in a fashionable battle between a jacket and a coat, choose Solomon’s solution. And here the world of fashion and style is ready to lend you a helping hand. An alternative would be:

  • a short coat is both elegant, but not constraining movement and democratic in relation to the choice of bottom and shoes;
  • combined coat – inserts made of leather or raincoat fabric will greatly simplify care;
  • an elongated quilted jacket with a fitted silhouette or flared hem – looks as feminine as traditional pardessus models.

Arm yourself with patience when choosing and consider a few important points: regardless of your choice, outerwear should:

  • be the right size – a sweater, jacket or turtleneck should “fit” under outerwear;
  • fit the type of figure;
  • be functional – pay attention to the presence of pockets, fasteners, eyelets – all these little things provide comfort.

And most importantly, the coat or jacket must be of high quality so that you do not have to buy a new thing in the same season.

Where to buy outerwear

For more than ten years, the Glem factory has been producing high quality stylish women’s clothing. Today we have a unique offer for you: buy a coat by dropshipping or buy women’s clothing in bulk from the manufacturer. Check out our online catalog for the most sophisticated designs your customers will love. To initiate cooperation with Glem, call or use the feedback form. Our consultants are always ready to answer any questions.

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