How to choose a dress for short girls

A small height can be perceived as an advantage or a disadvantage, but modern designers have come up with several styles that will help add a few centimeters and bring you closer to model standards. This article will help you choose a dress for a short girl that will emphasize pettiness and present a small stature as an interesting dignity.  

How to choose the right dress for petite girls?

If you want to look taller than nature has endowed you, you need to take a close look at your wardrobe. There are a few simple tricks that can help you look your best for any height:

  •  Mini and midi. An ideal dress for a short girl will have a length above the knee, because the mini perfectly emphasizes the fragility of the image. However, the extra weight in combination with a dress of this length turns a romantic look into a vulgar outfit. Therefore, take into account the peculiarities of your figure and do not blindly follow all the advice that you hear.
  •  Fitted images. For girls of short stature, styles are suitable that shift the emphasis from height to proportions of the figure and fit the body. Give preference to dresses that will emphasize the waist and show all the advantages of the figure.
  •  Accents. It is important to add accents at the waist to the image in order to create visual proportions of the figure. If you have chosen a loose-fitting dress, be sure to complement it with a belt at the waist.
  • One-color palette. It is better to avoid colorful prints and choose solid color dresses that look best on girls with small stature. Also, avoid looks where there is a clear color border between the top and bottom, as such a visual solution will not add height to you.
  • Correct cut. A dress for a short girl with a V cut is a great solution that will help you look much taller. Features of this style visually lengthen the figure, so pay special attention to this type of outfit. Also, focus on the sleeves, especially if you have a dress with a three-quarter sleeve. It is better to buy a model with a narrow sleeve that will fit the hand – the wide cut emphasizes the short stature.

A beautiful dress should be present in every woman’s wardrobe, but it is important to choose an outfit that will emphasize your dignity. 

What should women with short stature avoid?

If your main disadvantage is short stature, then it is better to avoid certain styles. For example, dresses with a low waist will only emphasize growth and become the very mistake that is best avoided. The low waist visually shortens the legs, so this style is recommended to be worn only by tall girls.

Another dress that shouldn’t be in your wardrobe is the sack dress. A loose fit that tapers towards the bottom also accentuates short legs, so even heels and a platform will not save you from the increased volume.

Now pay attention to the accessories, which should also be chosen with an eye to your height. If you are wearing belts, choose tight belts that will outline your waist, but not draw attention to it. A wide belt makes its own adjustments to the image, denoting a short stature. Dresses for short girls should be standard-length form-fitting sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. Wide sleeves accentuate the upper half, but shift the visual accents by accentuating short legs.  

How to choose dresses for different types of figures, taking into account short stature?

There is a standard table for the type of figures that is important for every woman to know. 

Rectangle – This type is characterized by a slight difference between the shoulders, hips and waist and the absence of bright accents in the physique. If you are the owner of such a figure, it is better to give up tight-fitting outfits that will only emphasize the absence of feminine curves. The length of the dress can vary from mini to classic knee length, but with a small stature, it is very important to emphasize the waist.

Inverted triangle – such a girl can be proud of a beautiful turn of the shoulders, but in the lower part there is clearly not enough volume. In this case, your goal is to emphasize the upper body, highlighting the larger breasts, but shifting the emphasis off the lower body. Dresses with a high waist are suitable, the length should not be lower than the knee line, the main emphasis is placed on the chest.

What is the fit of the waist of the dress to choose

As mentioned above, the emphasis on the waist will help to hide the short stature. Avoid dresses where the waist is not indicated at all or lowered – this will only emphasize short legs, so it is better to get rid of such an outfit.

The optimal solution is a style where the waist is located where it should be or slightly overestimated. The first option is suitable for girls with a good athletic figure who boast a thin waist, dresses for short girls in the Empire style with a high waist are more suitable for women who want to soften the excess weight.   

Use of vertical lines in the image of a dress

vertical lines

A stripe is a great decor for a dress, but short girls should be very careful with it. Stripes visually emphasize the silhouette, so choose outfits with a narrow vertical stripe to stretch your figure and hide your slight flaw. Horizontal stripes should be avoided because they broaden the silhouette and create the effect of a massive figure.

Dresses for short girls can be decorated with stripes not over the entire area, but be present as a decor. In this case, stick to the vertical stripe rule and get the look you want.

Wear a fluffy dress only with heels

fluffy dress

Lovers of lush outfits should remember that such a dress can only be worn with high heels. The fluffy skirt emphasizes the short stature, and it is important to properly disguise it with stilettos. The same rule will be true for skirts of any length. For example, dresses for short girls below the knee create the same effect of short stature, which must be softened with high heels.   

Practice solid colors

A one-color dress for a short girl is the most advantageous option, so it is better to adhere to severity and not buy colorful outfits. The choice of color depends on other factors, since the dress should emphasize the tone of the skin and hair, so everyone has their own opinion on this matter.

Avoid large prints

Large print is another danger that lies in wait for short girls. A bright pattern, consisting of a large pattern, attracts attention and focuses on small stature – this is what we are trying to avoid. However, you should not completely abandon prints, because a small drawing looks no worse than a large pattern, but it will look better on a short girl. A dress for a short girl can be made in a floral style or have a pronounced geometric pattern – the main condition is the small size of each element.

large prints

Do not forget that accessories can also add a few centimeters, so long chains or beads should definitely be in your wardrobe. In addition, against the background of a plain dress, such an addition looks organic and will not be a sign of vulgarity. Don’t like long jewelry? Then buy a small handbag with a long strap, which creates the same effect and will help you look not only taller, but also slimmer. You can choose a dress for a short girl in our store. We offer quality products from a Belarusian manufacturer, and our consultants will help you make the right choice and give you some advice on choosing the right outfit in accordance with your height. 

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