How to Choose a Summer Wedding Dress?

Summer is a great time for a wedding. Warm sunny weather makes you want to love and enjoy life. And what magnificent photographs are obtained against the background of blooming nature! 

Dresses made of light airy fabrics are perfect for celebrating a hot summer day. The choice of models is huge, today you will learn how to choose the perfect outfit in which you will look amazing.


White color is a symbol of innocence. Against the background of green grass and bright flowers, a bride in a snow-white dress will look wonderful. Also remember that this color reflects the sun’s rays, which means that you will not be hot in such an outfit.
Note the ivory models. These robes look luxurious, highlighting the natural beauty of the bride’s skin. If you have pale skin, then a white dress can visually make it completely white, but an ivory dress will not create such an effect. Colored dresses for brides are
in fashion today… Do you want to add sensuality and sophistication to your look? Go for a pale pink shade. Such clothes are very suitable for blondes and girls with light brown hair. If you are a brunette, take a look at bright red dresses. In a scarlet outfit, you will look like a sweet berry, and your groom will not be able to take an enthusiastic look away from you.


Do you have slender legs and would you like to show them to guests? Choose a short wedding dress option. An outfit with a mini skirt suits young brides and makes the look intriguing and inviting. If you want to add some playfulness to the look, choose a model with a flared skirt.
Do you think that you are out of the age when you are allowed to show off in miniskirts, but you want to look sexy? Midi length is your option. A tight-fitting dress with a knee-length hem always looks gorgeous, especially on women of fragile physique.
You should not hide beautiful sloping shoulders and delicate hands under the fabric. In summer, you will feel free and comfortable in an open bustier outfit. Decorate a graceful neck with a thin necklace for an especially captivating look.

A long dress to the floor is an excellent option for summer, which has its advantages: a loose fit will hide flaws in the figure, and a variety of styles will help you choose a dress for any occasion. In addition, such clothes will be comfortable and not hot on a summer day! In order not to miss the mark, you should understand the whole variety of long dresses, and also know what to wear with them.

Floor-length dresses

The most popular models are straight cut dresses with A-line cut. However, besides them, there are a number of other equally wonderful options:
1. Sheath dress. It is characterized by a straight skirt from the hip and a fitted silhouette.
2. Dress shirt. 
3. Dress with a wrap. It features a high waistline and a belt.
4. Dress-year. A feminine form-fitting dress characterized by a flared hem from the hip line.
5. Kimono dress. It has a loose fit and wide sleeves, and the waistline can sometimes be high. A great option for publication!
6. Balloon dress. It is characterized by a loose fit, a tulip skirt and elastic at the waist. This dress can be complemented with a thin or wide belt to emphasize the waist and give more femininity.
7. Dress in the Greek style. Loose, flowy dress with pleats and high waist. A simple but very effective option!
8. Classic long dress. A versatile, fitted dress with a laconic cut that can be easily complemented with accessories and is suitable for everyday wear.

How to choose a dress?

Despite the fact that the length of the dress is clearly marked, this does not interfere with the flight of the designers’ imagination. There are plenty of styles of long dresses to the floor, and they can be both simple and luxurious or even pretentious. You just need to choose your model! But for this you need to know about some nuances and take into account the peculiarities of the figure:

– Moderately tall ladies are also welcome to heels, however, it is better to choose comfortable summer sandals, since growth will not increase in this way, but the gait will be free and light;
– girls with wide shoulders should pay attention to loose-fitting dresses and complement them with a belt: it will emphasize the waist, and also form beautiful fabric folds, so that the outfit will look not only gorgeous, but also very feminine;
– women with curvaceous shapes should choose dresses or sundresses made of flowing fabrics, because they will hide too wide hips and balance the top and their outfit;

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What to combine with?

You can combine long dresses to the floor with many things and styles! So, a floor-length dress will look great with a cropped and fitted jacket. Thanks to this, such an outfit will be appropriate for an office or a business meeting, especially if you complement it with shoes with heels.
Very often, long dresses can be seen in styles such as casual, boho and country. These fashion trends are characterized by a large number of interesting accessories such as belts, hats and scarves, as well as jewelry that will make the outfit truly original. A wide variety of shoes can be used: in summer, these are wedge sandals, sandals with decor, sneakers and slip-on sneakers, and in cool weather you should wear lace-up boots, Cossack boots, ankle boots and Chelsea boots. You can put on a biker jacket, cardigan or denim jacket on top.
In evening dresses, the main role will be played by the dresses themselves, and shoes and accessories will only be an addition. For publication, it is better to choose floor-length dresses that are more elegant, for example, from silk or satin.

Perfect summer wedding dress

The summer season is coming and fashionistas should revise their wardrobe for its compliance with summer trends. The first and obligatory attribute of this summer is the dress. This year, world fashion again turned to the timeless classics and romantic mood. To make the right choice for yourself, you should know the main rules of the season. What exactly you need to know in order to choose really fashionable summer wedding dresses will be discussed below.

Trendy colors

The following colors should be the basis for choosing summer wedding dresses this year:

The first and clear winner will be white. It not only emphasizes women’s beauty, but also automatically makes clothes comfortable in hot weather. Along with white, special attention should be paid to the colors of the yellow range, up to bright lemon. By the way, nobody took gold and copper out of the trend.

Red stands alone, but fashion houses have not given up on it this season either.

Black summer wedding dresses deserved a little less attention. Experts advise not to use it in its pure form, but it would be too much to give up a black dress.

Vibrant patterns and geometric designs will be appropriate.

Shades of blue from light blue to deep cobalt will remain in vogue. Their combinations with gray will be especially effective.

The final novelty is the newly re-fashioned tea rose color.

 Fashionable fabrics for summer wedding dresses 

The catwalks of world famous fashion houses are full of light silks and the finest French lace. However, not everyone can afford such delights. Therefore, fashionistas should pay attention to inexpensive summer wedding dresses made of chiffon, linen and cotton. 

This season we do not say goodbye to noble linen and denim fabrics, knitwear and light denim fabrics. All of them will find their application and will allow you to realize all the ideas of fashionistas. Moreover, these fabrics are practical to wear and easy to clean.

Summer trendy styles

The unchanging classics have again taken their rightful place. Gorgeous, long summer wedding dress with tight-fitting waist. Short sheath dresses and classic business style will become the must-have fashion attributes of the season. For a woman in business, the presence of such dresses will become not only desirable, but an obligatory measure.

Summer wedding dresses with a classic cut with floral patterns deserve special attention. On smooth fabrics, placers of all kinds of floral patterns look impressive, and most importantly, they behave practically. Summer wedding dresses breathe summer motives and the sun.

 Correct Length = Correct Summer wedding dress

Long summer wedding dresses will definitely remain a fashionable trend. However, floating beautiful summer wedding dresses “to the floor” will not suit everyone. Women and girls with small stature should be very careful in the selection of such a dress. But if the decision “I will definitely buy a summer wedding dress with a long skirt” has acquired firmness, then the Fashion House CAT ORANGE will be able to offer you a wide variety of choices.

Short summer wedding dresses and a variety of summer sundresses have not gone anywhere. And you can safely show your legs this summer.

Bright and extraordinary summer wedding dresses are already waiting for you. You can be sure that the new collection from CAT ORANGE is fully consistent with the strict fashion canons of this summer. 🙂

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