If you decide to wear leggings, then you need to choose how and with what you will combine them. They have a simple cut, but differ in texture, prints and colors. All this must be taken into account when choosing the upper part of the clothing. An unsuccessful combination and an incorrectly chosen size can look vulgar or even comical, especially if your figure is far from ideal. And well-fitting leggings can make even a simple everyday look stylish and feminine. Modern designers have taken care of a rich selection of models, and every woman can find the right option.

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing leggings, you need to keep in mind a few important nuances that will affect your appearance. It is very difficult to buy leggings according to your figure without trying them on. After all, they should fit exactly in size, but at the same time not fit the leg like a second skin. Oversized trousers will gather in folds. A lot depends on the quality of the fabric. It should be elastic, but sufficiently dense and durable, and keep its shape well. Such material will give a noticeable slimming effect and beautifully outline smooth feminine lines.

Full beauties are best suited for women’s leggings with a high waistline and a wide belt, made of dense matte material, without large prints, preferably plain and dark.

Fashion trends

In addition to classic black, modern fashion offers us women’s leggings of various colors and textures. Bright color options are a good choice for summer or spring. For the cold season, dark plain leggings are more suitable, or decorated with Scandinavian and other ethnic ornaments that are relevant this season.

Also at the peak of fashion are trousers with sports stripes, military style, leggings, decorated with decorative zippers, buttons, and embroidery. Many designer collections include women’s leggings with lace or sheer inserts.

Leather and denim products (jeggings) are very popular. They are versatile and practical, well hide figure flaws and are combined with clothes of different styles. In addition, they look more interesting and stylish than ordinary plain leggings.

Stylish combinations

Leggings are rightfully considered one of the main wardrobe staples of a modern woman. They can be worn with T-shirts, shirts, sweaters , tunics and dresses.

But, when choosing what to wear with leggings, keep in mind that this thing should be elongated. Option: leggings plus a short top is only suitable for fitness. Owners of an ideal figure can also afford such a combination.

The most common autumn-winter combinations are:

  • Leggings, a loose cardigan with a belt and high boots. If you want to visually lengthen your legs, choose trousers and boots of the same color.
  • Combining leggings with a knitted tunic or a short knitted dress will help create a feminine and practical look, appropriate both at the workplace and on a date. It can be supplemented with a fur vest.
  • A popular youth option: a combination of leggings and a short skirt.
  • Another stylish look can be obtained by pairing leggings with a trendy sweatshirt and boots.

To create a harmonious and beautiful image, pay attention to the matching of colors. For black, gray, brown leggings, you can pick up almost any top, bright or decorated with prints. But if you prefer colored women’s leggings, then other clothes should be plain.

Having replenished your wardrobe with leggings, you will get a practical and versatile item that is easy to combine with warm sweaters and dresses, which is especially true for the cold season. At the same time, your image will be elegant and feminine.



Tights and leggings are very similar in appearance, and when choosing clothes in an online store, it is not always possible to understand what is the difference between them. But there are differences. In fact, leggings never went beyond sportswear. Unlike them, leggings have become a casual and street style staple, and the range of their use is much wider. They are worn by women of almost any age, complexion and lifestyle. And leggings for every day are more suitable for teenagers and youth.

Leggings: history and modernity

This piece of clothing appeared in the XVIII century. Leggings were made from thin deer and elk skin, which determined their name. They fitted the legs tightly and were much better suited for riding than the puffy frilled pantaloons that the men then wore. Later, these trousers, but made of fabric, became part of the cavalry uniform and other types of military uniforms. In Russian, there is also the name “breeches”.

Men still wear leggings, and not only at military parades. They are worn for sports, ballet, dancing, and also as warm underwear.

Leggings entered the category of women’s clothing only in the second half of the 20th century, but a real shift in the manufacture of leggings occurred after the invention of lycra, a thin elastic but strong material. Then all women of fashion began to wear them, choosing brighter models.

In fact, women’s leggings are a replacement for tight tights, and, of course, a convenient option for jogging and sports. In other cases, leggings are more appropriate.

Leggings in women’s fashion

Leggings can be considered a kind of hybrid between leggings and full-fledged trousers. There is a wide range of these products. They differ from leggings in terms of cut, length, and decorative elements. They are sewn from different materials, and they are much more versatile than sportswear, as they are appropriate even in elegant looks. There are such types of leggings:

  • shortened: capri and breeches;
  • jeggings that look like tight jeans;
  • treggings that have zippers and pockets like regular trousers.

Composing a basic wardrobe, every modern fashionista should buy women’s leggings. They are very practical and comfortable, go well with many types of clothes and shoes. A properly selected model is able to correct figure flaws.

Main differences

The difference between leggings and leggings is manifested in the following nuances:

genderMen and womenExclusively women’s clothing
MaterialElastic artificial fabricsArtificial and natural fabrics: cotton, linen, leather, diving, knitwear with the addition of stretch
CroySimple and solid with a wide elastic band. Sports women’s leggings can have thongs – a braid worn on the heelComplex and varied, there may be inserts from other materials, such as lace, leather
Appearance and decorContrasting stripes, abstract printDecorative zippers, buttons, embroidery, ethnic and other ornaments
Combinations for everyday wearClothing that covers the hips and buttocks: dresses, tunics, long T-shirts and undershirtsYou can wear asymmetrical tunics and shirts, shorter in front, combined with medium-length jackets and cardigans, as well as sweatshirts

It will be easier to create competent images using these products if you always remember how leggings differ from leggings – some play the role of trousers, while others play the role of tights.

Also, do not forget that some manufacturers do not see the difference in the names of these wardrobe items. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to all the details and little things in order to buy exactly what you need.

Both leggings and leggings are fashionable and relevant types of women’s clothing. Their popularity is due to comfort, practicality and the ability to create a variety of stylish and feminine images.

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