How to choose pregnancy outfits for winter

Every mother-to-be should know that being in a position, it is categorically impossible to get sick. Both the virus itself and taking any medications can negatively affect the baby. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to choose your pregnancy outfits carefully in anticipation of a cold winter. Many girls are rather dismissive of the choice of outerwear for the winter, and, in part, they can be understood, because:

  • buying outerwear always costs a pretty penny;
  • due to the rapid growth of the tummy, there is a possibility that the thing will no longer be used after pregnancy;
  • in search of a really stylish thing you will have to spend a lot of time.  

But can these difficulties become more significant for their own health and safety of the unborn child? We will show you how to choose the right warm outerwear without harming your wallet, and at the same time stay in trend.

Rules for choosing pregnancy outfits for winter

Pregnancy is a very difficult period for most women. Constant mood swings, swelling and back pain, difficulty in movement, toxicosis – all this pretty spoils the mood. Therefore, everything around the expectant mother should be as comfortable as possible. When choosing outerwear, you need to remember the three most important points:

  • outfits should be warm, but not hot;
  • the thing should not unnecessarily tighten the woman, hindering movement;
  • it is worth giving preference to light things.

Unfortunately, women of fashion who are at a later stage of pregnancy will have to give up natural fur coats and sheepskin coats for a while. The materials from which these items are made are very heavy to wear. The expectant mother already experiences constant discomfort and pain in the legs and lower back. But if you cannot imagine yourself in winter without a fur coat, then pay attention to outfits made of artificial material. pregnancy outfits made of leatherette and faux fur are much lighter than those made from natural materials, are several times cheaper and do an excellent job with winter cold.

An excellent solution for the Russian winter will be a down jacket. It is easy to get lost among the huge selection of this item of outfits, so remember the main thing:

  • the down jacket should be long enough so that the bottom with the lower back is well hidden from the frost;
  • the throat should also be tightly closed, and it is better if the puffs are with a hood – it will save you from the wind, and will help out during sleet;
  • the material from which the down jacket is made must be waterproof and impervious to air;
  • the insulation should be light, but at the same time it retains heat well. Eider down, holofiber, thermotech, tinsulain perfectly act as such a heater;
  • if your tummy is still growing, then when choosing a down jacket, pay attention to models that can stretch a little at the waist along with the growth of your belly, or purchase oversized models, that is, suitable for any type of figure.

Some models of down jackets are sewn specifically for pregnant women. They have a special insert on the belly with two zippers, which is equipped with a set of elastic bands that allow the insert to stretch as the belly grows. Well, in order to certainly save yourself from the cold, choose down jackets with a tightening along the bottom cut. Down jackets, jackets, and even some models of sheepskin coats and fur coats are supplied with such an element.

Winter warmed overalls for pregnant women will be no less comfortable to wear during winter. Warm pants with a closed back will keep the cold air out of your lower back. The legs will also be hidden from the cold along the entire length. Most winter overalls for pregnant women are equipped with a special elastic band that stretches for free tummy growth. The beauty of such models is that the elastic band on the pants will allow them to be worn even after the baby is born. Please note that there is also an elastic band for tightening along the bottom of the pants from the overalls.

Of course, you definitely need to choose a stylish winter jacket for your winter overalls. Now it is very fashionable to wear ski models, with a high stand-up collar and a hood-helmet. So that the expectant mother does not feel pressure on her stomach and growing breasts, the winter jacket should have rubber ties or be sewn loosely enough. Otherwise, the principle of choosing a winter jacket is the same as for a winter down jacket:

  • windproof and waterproof material;
  • lightweight but warm filler;
  • tightening along the bottom of the jacket and on the sleeves;
  • length covering the buttocks of the pregnant woman.

By the way, some models of down-padded coats and jackets, in addition to zippers, are equipped with additional buttons-rivets. This is an even more practical option for winter – by closing the zipper, you hide from strong gusts of wind.

The transforming jacket is a warm winter garment with a special insert for a growing tummy. After the birth of the baby, this insert can be used as a sling for carrying the baby: the insert is placed under the jacket, and the baby is also placed there. Thus, a young mother can comfortably move along the street, shop in a store, or just walk in the fresh air, and the baby will always be with her in complete safety and tightly hidden from the frost. If for some reason you don’t like or don’t like the option of carrying the baby in a sling, then you can simply pull the insert out of the jacket and wear it like a regular winter down jacket.

Winter outfits for pregnant women that can be worn after the baby is born

Modern fashion allows you to buy pregnancy outfits that are comfortable to wear during and after pregnancy. If you are more practical in choosing outfits, and do not want to purchase a jacket or down jacket for just one winter, then, when choosing warm outerwear, keep the following rules in mind:

  • when choosing jackets, fur coats or coats, give preference to high-waisted models. Such things look especially stylish on thinner girls. And during pregnancy, nothing will constrain a growing tummy;
  • oversized models – oversized jackets and down jackets that are suitable for girls of any shape, including those who are in late pregnancy;
  • models with rubberized sides – such jackets and down jackets emphasize the curves of the figure, hugging the waist, and during pregnancy allow the jacket to stretch without interfering with the growth of the baby.

Rules for the care of winter pregnancy outfits for pregnant women

Like any other thing, winter pregnancy outfits will need cleaning sooner or later. Washing winter outfits can be a lot of inconvenience. Best of all, if you give preference to paid dry cleaning, they will professionally clean your outfits without damaging the insulation. As for washing fur coats and sheepskin coats, then only dry cleaning will help you – it is unrealistic to wash a fur coat at home.

If you decide to clean your jacket or down jacket at home, be sure to read the instructions on the tag indicating the temperature and washing mode. Do not put anything else in the washing machine, winter outerwear is very bulky, and after getting wet it is also heavy. The washing machine will have to work hard to wash everything thoroughly. After the wash is over, take out your jacket and flatten the insulation very carefully. During washing, the insulation crumples, especially if it is down. If you just hang the outfits out to dry, all these lumps will dry out and the insulation will be unevenly distributed. In addition to physical inconveniences, for example, pressure in certain places or blowing in areas where there is no insulation, the crumpled filler will also have aesthetic inconveniences. The jacket or down jacket will lose its original shape.

Our blog offers a wide range of winter pregnancy outfits for pregnant women, of excellent quality and at affordable prices. Adhering to the rules for choosing warm outerwear, you can definitely choose a stylish thing that will warm you and your future baby even in the most severe frosts. Well, if any difficulties nevertheless arise, our managers will be happy to help you make the right choice.

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