How to choose the right summer dresses

With the onset of summer, many women want to look beautiful and spectacular. A properly selected summer dresses will help to emphasize individuality. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the fabric, its lightness and naturalness. Light, translucent, flowing dresses are the hit of the summer season. They are perfect for the summer heat.

Consider the most popular styles of such dresses.

A properly chosen summer dresses emphasizes the style and dignity of a woman’s figure.

The most important criterion in choosing a summer dresses is naturalness. Products made from natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe. This is very important in hot weather, since synthetics do not allow air and moisture to pass through. For a daytime wardrobe, it is better to choose light, spacious dresses with a free cut, and for an evening out, you can wear a tight-fitting dress.

For the heat of the day, dresses in light shades are ideal. Dark shades absorb sunlight and heat up. Bright floral, geometric and abstract prints are very popular in summer.

Today, silk, chiffon, soft, crepe-chiffon, cotton and linen have become very popular materials for summer dresses.

  • The most common natural material is flax. Dresses made of it are breathable and comfortable to wear. Quite often, dresses made of natural linen are decorated with embroidery, fringe, knitted elements and other ethnic elements.
  • Cotton is a material that cools the skin well. Cotton dresses retain color for a long time, are practical and comfortable. It’s fabrics are suitable for any style of dress.
  • Silk is perfect for those with an ideal figure. The silk dress flows smoothly and fits the curves of the body. Also silk has a cooling effect. Silk dresses give a woman elegance, chic and femininity. This is the right choice for a stylish evening look.
  • Chiffon is also often used in sewing summer dresses. It is practically weightless, breathable, does not wrinkle. Chiffon dresses look good in any style.

When choosing a summer dresses, it is worth considering not only fashion, but also the features of the figure.

  • The most suitable and practical style for the summer season is a shirt dress . This style is suitable for both a business style and a romantic one.
  • A-line dress will advantageously hide problematic hips and waist, and a wide hem will visually stretch your legs.
  • For relaxation, it is preferable to choose a sundress with straps. Models with wide straps and a closed neckline are suitable even for the office.
  • If the office has a strict dress code, then you can opt for a sheath dress. This style is quite restrained, devoid of intriguing cuts, a deep neckline and is sustained in soothing colors.
  • To emphasize the spectacular breasts, you should choose a dress with a wrap. It will correct any shape well.
  • The owners of narrow shoulders should take a closer look at the bandeau dress. Models with a reinforced bodice have become a must-have for everyday wardrobe.
  • Knitted T-shirt dress is a very comfortable, practical, sporty version of the dress.
  • The style of dresses in retro style does not lose its popularity. 

As already mentioned, when choosing a dress, do not forget about the type of figure.

  • For women with an hourglass figure, almost all styles will work, but tight-fitting dresses made of flowing, wrap-around fabric are ideal. The presence of a belt will accentuate the waist.
  • The disadvantage of the “rectangle” figure is the lack of a pronounced waist. Women with this type of figure should buy dresses with a low waistline. Additional decor at the top and bottom of the dress will also be appropriate. The most advantageous style: sporty and a-line dress .
  • For a triangle figure, a retro style is appropriate, as a fluffy skirt will hide a heavy bottom, and a neckline will accentuate the grace of the upper body.
  • The best choice for owners of the inverted triangle figure would be asymmetrical dresses with a simple top and a bright skirt.
  • The “apple” figure is not easy enough. To emphasize the dignity of the figure, you need to choose models of dresses with a high waist, a spacious skirt and sleeves that hide the forearms.

It is also worth choosing the right color for the dress. Stick to your color type. This will help you choose your perfect dress and be irresistible.

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