How to iron a dress correctly?

For modern girls, a very significant issue is the way to properly iron a dress made of one or another material. The fact is that all fabrics require an individual approach, and it is impossible, for example, to iron velvet dresses in the same way as silk or knitted from wool. The characteristics of each material and recommendations for ironing are usually indicated on the label of the product. Our store mainly offers models of UK manufacturers, where all the necessary information is indicated on the tag without fail. But what if the dress you got is not new or the information on the tag is not written clearly? Just follow the instructions in our article, and the outfit will delight you for a long time with an impeccable, pristine appearance!

Features of ironing things from different types of fabrics

In the case when the dress is made from different types of fabric, it is important to follow only a few important rules:

  1. Clarify what types of material are used in the product.
  2. Iron each area in a certain mode, the recommendations for which will be indicated below in the article.

Note that there are only three ironing methods:

  • Dry – the dress is ironed exclusively from the wrong side;
  • With steaming – a special function of the iron is used here;
  • Wet – use a spray bottle with clean cold water.

You also need to know about the basic principles of ironing, so as not to irrevocably ruin an expensive product.

  1. The ironing board should be installed by a window or in a place where there is sufficient light.
  2. The cord from the iron should not get in the way.
  3. The height of the ironing board should be chosen so that it is comfortable for prolonged ironing.
  4. If you are unsure of which ironing method to iron, turn the dress inside out and then gently iron a small section of the hem to determine which method is right.

You also need to know that cocktail dresses , like evening dresses and any others, are ironed from top to bottom. First, the collar and sleeves, hangers and other small parts are carefully ironed, and then they begin to iron the main part. To smooth out the folds, the product must be ironed first along and then across, carefully working through each section, but not staying in one place for a long time.

How to iron a velvet dress

How to iron a velvet dress

To iron velvet dresses, it is recommended to use steam rather than an iron. So the structure of the material does not deteriorate, the fibers do not become rigid and pressed. In order not to spoil the product, you must:

  1. Turn the dress inside out.
  2. Put a terry towel on the board, on which the velvet dress is placed.
  3. Place cheesecloth or cotton cloth folded several times on the area to be treated.
  4. Iron at minimum temperature with an iron if you cannot use steam.

If these rules are observed, velvet dresses do not deteriorate and retain their luxurious look for a long time.

How to Iron a Silk Dress: Ironing Secrets

How to Iron a Silk Dress: Ironing Secrets

Silk is a material that looks very fragile, thin, and many girls may find it difficult to iron silk dresses. In fact, this is not so, because silk perfectly tolerates ironing and exposure to hot temperatures! To smooth a silk dress, you need:

  1. Slightly dampen the fabric by wrapping the dress in a damp terry towel.
  2. After half an hour, start ironing at medium temperature.

There are several secrets of ironing this particular material that we want to share with you:

  • Do not use a spray gun during ironing, as as a result there is a high risk of getting faded spots on the fabric;
  • Light-colored silk dresses are usually ironed on the front side;
  • Dark dresses are turned inside out, gauze or cotton fabric is put on top, and only after that ironing is started.

If an iron stain appears on your silk dress during ironing, don’t worry. You just need to mix the baking soda with water and apply the resulting gruel evenly over the stain. After a few minutes, when the baking soda dries up, you can remove the mixture and rinse the product under running water.

How to iron a satin dress

How to iron a satin dress

Satin dresses are ironed in the same way as silk ones. This elegant material has excellent iron tolerance. It is important to know only the nuances:

  1. Turn the dress inside out.
  2. Apply a little moisture to the product using a wet towel or gauze.
  3. Place a cotton or gauze pad on the dress, folded in several layers.
  4. Iron at a low temperature, without staying in one place for a long time.

In this case, as in the situation with silk dresses, if the ironing process is incorrectly approached, a trace of the iron may appear on the product. The mixture of soda and water, which we described above, will also cope with it.

How to iron a wool dress?

How to iron a wool dress

The main difficulty in ironing a dress made of wool is its possible deformation from exposure to high temperatures. To prevent this from happening, you need to follow several rules:

  1. Wool dresses cannot be ironed from the front side – only from the inside out.
  2. When using an iron, you need to make sure that the mode is selected gentle, with a low temperature.
  3. There must be a layer of wet gauze or cotton between the iron and the dress itself.

Do not pull on a woolen dress in order to smooth it as thoroughly as possible. The fact is that with such manipulations, the material fixes the given shape, and you run the risk of being left with a larger dress.

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How to iron a dress without an iron

There are materials that cannot be ironed in principle. These include leather, corduroy, leatherette, for example. It can also happen that the iron is simply out of order, and it is not possible to iron your favorite dress. In order not to disappoint yourself, follow the recommendations on how to iron a dress without an iron.

  1. Hot mug of water. You need to take a metal mug (there will be no result from ceramics), fill it with boiling water and cover with a lid. This makeshift iron will help you cope with the task of smoothing out small areas with folds. The main thing – do not forget about the safety rules, and be sure to keep the mug in thermal gloves.
  2. Steam can be used instead of an iron. If there is no special steam iron, then you can hang the completely dry product turned inside out in the bathroom over a basin with boiling water. In half an hour, a cocktail dress or any other dress will come into its proper form.
  3. A mixture of vinegar and fabric softener will save the day. If you mix table vinegar with fabric softener in equal proportions, and then pour the resulting mixture into a spray bottle, then in this simple way you can smooth out the wrinkles on the product. Of course, the liquid will need to be sprayed gently and evenly onto the dress!

Note that the above methods are also perfect if you are simply worried about the safety of the material, not knowing which iron mode to choose.

How to iron a pleated dress

How to iron a pleated dress

Pleated dresses are very beautiful, they always give a feminine look, but their care is not easy and requires special attention during ironing. Many girls are faced with a seemingly insoluble task – to iron out unnecessary folds, leaving only those that were originally on the product. Satsa fashion tricks can help you with this question:

  1. Even at the stage of washing the pleated dress, give up the spin mode in the machine.
  2. Be sure to use fabric softener when washing.
  3. Drying of the product should be strictly vertical, and first, the dress will need to be shaken well, setting the desired shape for each fold.

An important detail: pleated dresses are not afraid of steaming, so you can safely iron them with a vertical steam iron. The process will take you much less time than smoothing each fold separately in the usual way.

A few more tips for proper ironing of dresses

There are tricks that practical housewives use and which we want to tell you about today.

  1. For a cocktail or evening dress to look perfect, after ironing, you must allow the product to cool down a little. Do not rush to put on the ironed thing right away, let it hang on the hanger for ten minutes. Thus, the fabric will have time to get used to the given shape, and the dress will look luxurious on you for a long time.
  2. In no case should you start ironing a dress if a stain from washing powder or any other detergent is found on it. Such a thing must be rinsed again, otherwise it will be impossible to get rid of the unpleasant defect in the future.

When it comes to a dented dress made of leather, suede, leatherette or corduroy, the use of an iron is not recommended. However, if you need to get rid of folds, then such a product can be held over a basin of steep boiling water, the steam from which will cope with the task in a matter of minutes.

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