How to know which lipstick color to choose

Although it is said that the eyes are the most attractive point on the face, we cannot downplay the lips. Choosing best lipstick color according to your skin tone is important.

“I am convinced that the lips are the key to a beautiful smile, so knowing how to choose the color with which we are going to paint them should not be taken lightly,” explained La Porsha Grier, makeup artist and celebrity stylist and owner from the Touched by an Angel salon in Stockbridge.

“It may seem like a simple task, but not all lipstick colors flatter you in the same way.” That is why we ask you what we should take into account when choosing the color with which we are going to paint our lips. “You must first consider your skin tone, your age, the color of your hair and the size of your lips”.

Once the above is identified, you must know how to paint them according to the effect you want to achieve.

On these points to consider, the makeup artist listed the following:

• Learn to define the shape of your lips

If you don’t like to outline your lips with color, you can alter or highlight your natural shape with a transparent pencil; that is, you can make them bigger or smaller as appropriate and improve their shape. If you don’t have transparent eyeliner, you can choose colors from the nude or beige range.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind using colored eyeliner, use a shade as close to the lip color as possible. It must be exactly the tone of the lip color because otherwise it will make you look older. When outlining, he blurs the initial stroke, inward, seeking naturalness. Once you have the desired result, start filling.

Choose the tone of the bar according to your skin and hair tone

For the lips to be a perfect complement, they must go in harmony with the tones of the skin and hair. Taking into account that the rest of the makeup has also been applied in accordance with these characteristics.

  • Blonde : For blonde hair tones you should choose from the range of browns, reds and raw.
  • Brunettes : Light pinks and nudes.
  • Redhead : Look for the rouges and corals.
  • Brunettes : Fuchsia, brown and beige . The contrasts are explosive.
  • If you are tanned: I recommend pastel tones for the day, always very soft. At night you can apply red and you will create a very attractive effect.

Now, let’s talk about painting them according to how we want them to look in our online cosmetology school.

• To make them look smaller

  • Select dark colors like brown, purple, etc. Dark tones make them look smaller.
  • Outline with a lipstick inside the lip silhouette.
  • Blend with a brush, inwards.
  • Fill the interior with the bar.

• To make them look thicker

  • Choose beige , pink, soft tones that visually increase the size of your lips.
  • Choose a liner of a light tone, similar to the lipstick that you will use.
  • Outline the outer edge of the lip.
  • Blend for a natural finish.
  • Fill with the bar.
  • Apply a gloss on top of the color to create the effect of more volume.

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