How to view an Instagram Profile Picture


Instagram allows users to view profile pictures in a 150×150 thumbnail while most Instagram users cannot rely on a picture this small. So they always need a third-party websites to view the profile picture in its full form.

If you have blocked someone in the past and you are looking to unblock and follow them but the other person is not interested in following. You so you have to rely on their profile picture only to keep a check ok them. You definitely want to view their profile picture in its actual form. Here’s how you can do it:

1)      InstaZoom

Instagram Zoom is a websites that does not require any downloading and it also doesn’t take up any unnecessary space. On of the biggest benefit is that, you also don’t need to download the Instagram app it will work for you even if you don’t have an Instagram account.

You just need to know the correct username and it will work for you just fine. To use the tool, enter the username in the websites search box and within no time. You will be presented with a full-sized Instagram DP of your targeted profile.

2)      Izoomyou

The izoomyou tool is an online web-based took that also allows you to enter the username of the Instagram profile you wish to download from. You will be able to see a full-sized profile pictures.

The tool can also be used to download other Insta-related content such as videos, pictures, stories, IGTV, and many more.

3)    Instagrammies

Instagrammies is another such tool that present you as a completely anonymous person to view the Instagram profile picture of your favorite celeb or your childhood crush without them knowing.

4)      Insta DP

Insta DP works the same way as others. The tool can only be used to zoom in on profile pictures in high resolution. It combines the latest Artificial Intelligence pixel processing technology to present a better quality image.

5)      Qeek for Instagram

Qeek for Instagram is an app. To use it you have to download and launch it on your phone and then type the username, select the profile and click enter.

You will be presented with a full-sized Instagram profile picture on your screen. That can be downloaded or even zoomed in to 800 percent.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Qeek websites also has a premium version. As well that is available for 3 dollars and it can download photos for you in almost any format.

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How to enlarge Instagram DP from a desktop?

  • Go to the Instagram from your default desktop
  • Copy the URL of the profile by selecting the three-dot menu located on the profile
  • Paste the URL in your browser and hit enter
  • When the profile opens, right-click on the profile picture and select ”open image in new tab”
  • Go to the new tab to view the full-sized profile picture.

Downloading Other content from Instagram

 Instagram started as a photo and video website later it incorporated long-form and short-form videos into the platform. However, Instagram does not provide any particular option to download the content but you can always use the third-party websites that are free to use.

The third-party websites maintains your anonymity while providing you an opportunity to view the profile picture and download the content from Instagram. Above all, most of the third-party apps can also be used without even creating an Instagram account.

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If anyone inquires you about Instagram profile picture and how to enlarge/download them. You should simply share the link of Instazoom with them: It is easy, safe, fast, and reliable. Remember those torturous times when you have to zoom in on a screenshot. A profile to view the display picture. You can now do it even better than that with the aforementioned tools.

As most of us are always searching for a way to download those cute and beautiful profile pictures that you cannot ignore. Well, the information provided enough would have presented you with enough ideas. To download the profile pictures and not worry about getting exposed in any way as the websites. Maintain anonymity and are also free to use so they are always a safer bet.

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