Leopard print dresses in 2022 are a real fashion trend. The spotted print covers a wide variety of models, ranging from laconic casual to luxurious evening. It has long been no longer considered something out of the ordinary, vulgar or too bold. We can say that leopard print dresses are a classic, without which no woman’s wardrobe can do. Moreover, dresses of this color can often be seen in the images of world stars. So it’s time to choose the right style of dress and successfully combine it with other elements of the image. How to do this, we will tell in this article.

Luxurious maxi or seductive mini leopard dress?

Luxurious maxi or seductive mini leopard dress?

At first glance, it seems that the leopard print can make the look exceptionally extravagant and even somewhat aggressive. It turns out that this is not true at all. Depending on the style of the product, you can achieve a gentle romantic, light, sexy or even strict look.

So, if you choose a predatory floor-length dress made of chiffon or crepe-chiffon, you are guaranteed an airy look. Flying fabric in tandem with a loose fluttering skirt of the dress looks incredibly gentle even in leopard colors. There are many variations of the top: it can be tight-fitting or loose, with a deep or modest neckline, with sleeves of various lengths or without them. Take a look at the photo and see for yourself: a woman in such a dress looks very beautiful.

Long dresses with a similar print look attractive and elegant, made in a tight-fitting cut from a beautiful fabric, such as silk. Such models are certainly suitable for an evening out. In any of their forms, they will draw attention to you: with bare shoulders, a deep neckline, lace inserts, etc.

By the way, this style of dress can be chosen in midi length and knee length. The classic leopard print case is another option for a sexy look that’s perfect for going out. Don’t want a dress? Choose a leopard print skirt that can be combined with an evening blouse or top.

In general, the average length is universal, and it all depends on where to wear such a dress. For example, a straight dress, with a wrap, a shirt dress or a tunic dress will fit perfectly into a casual bow, and a tight-fitting golf dress is more appropriate on a date.

But a fashionable leopard mini dress is definitely an option for a party and going to a club. This is because the short length combined with the spotted pattern creates an image of a seductress, inappropriate for the daytime. For self-confident girls, an open-top cocktail option is suitable. And those who want to lower the degree of frankness may prefer closed.

The only “but”: if you choose a leopard mini, give up the deep neckline and other cutouts. Otherwise, the image can easily cross the line of vulgarity. And it certainly won’t do any good.

For those girls who consider a leopard dress to be daring and unsuitable for their style, there are models with spotted inserts. Basically, the print complements the black background of the dress (sometimes white, beige, mint, etc.), so at the same time it will allow you to treat yourself to leopard colors and not feel discomfort. Another option is to choose a different wardrobe detail, such as a leopard print T-shirt . Paired with a basic bottom, it will look stylish, but not so remarkable.

Basic rules for combining a leopard dress

Buying a leopard dress in an online store or boutique is half the battle. The next step is to figure out what to combine it with correctly. To do this, we always recommend that you adhere to the following rules:

Rule 1. Leopard print makes the dress the center of the whole look, which means that all other clothes should complement it, but in no case compete with it. Choose solid colors and accessories, leave the rest of the prints for another occasion.

The same rule applies to all clothing with a spotted pattern. So, a leopard print blouse will be effective in combination with plain trousers or a skirt, but it will be completely comical with a striped or polka dot bottom.

Rule 2. Avoid patent leather clothing – it can reduce the cost of your appearance. But the skin, on the contrary, will look stylish. So a leather jacket or leggings for a straight model or a shirt dress is definitely a plus.

Rule 3. Bright colors – yes! Of course, for such a dress, neutral tones will be a win-win option: black, brown, beige, white, etc. If you don’t know what to combine a leopard with, feel free to choose a base color. At the same time, no one forbids wearing bright colors, such as blue, purple, green or red. The latter, rather, is appropriate for an evening look, but the rest are quite suitable for everyday life. For example, shoes and a bag of one of these colors will be harmoniously paired with a leopard.

It is interesting that this year not only the traditional spotted print is in fashion, but also printed on fabrics of other colors, for example, gray, red, blue, etc. It looks interesting and stylish.

Rule 4. Makeup and manicure for an image with a leopard dress should be neutral. The exception is red or burgundy lipstick, which is suitable for an informal setting.

As you can see, knowing what to wear with a leopard print dress, you can easily create looks for any purpose. The main thing is to know the measure in everything and not to overload an already spectacular thing with unnecessary details.


A leopard print skirt is one of the few clothing options that both attracts and repels women. Such ambiguity is based on the complex (at first glance) compatibility of this wardrobe item with others. But if you know some secrets, then you can fit a spotted skirt into both a casual look and an evening one. Let’s talk about what to harmonize with a leopard print skirt. Moreover, this year she is back in fashion.

Styling Tips: How to Wear Leopard Print

In order not to cross the line between sexy and vulgar, follow these recommendations: 

  1. When buying, pay attention to the material of the skirt. It must be of high quality. Otherwise, the product itself will look sloppy.
  2. Consider the features of your figure and remember that the skirt will draw attention to the hips and abdomen. If everything is not perfect here, you should think about the right style. About which model suits whom, we will talk later.
  3. There should be no more than two predatory things in the bow. So for a tandem, choose a handbag, glasses, a scarf or a bracelet with a spotted color. But no more than one accessory. But a leopard print blouse paired with a skirt will look bold and will suit a confident lady.
  4. It is better to refuse other prints. Checks, stripes, flowers, and other patterns will create the effect of “blurry” (and we don’t need this, right?). Opt for a solid color top and shoes.
  5. All pastel colors, white, black and brown will go with the traditional color of the leopard. With bright colors, you should be careful, but the same green, red, blue or pink will look spectacular.
  6. When creating a look with a leopard print skirt, do not overload it with jewelry. Let them be concise and accurate. By the way, gold is most suitable for animal color.
How to Wear Leopard Print

7.  Choose a style

  • Since the spotty coloring attracts attention so much, you should use this feature to your advantage. In this way, we can further emphasize beautiful places and veil imperfections.
  • So, a leopard pencil skirt is only suitable for slender ladies. It looks great on the figure “hourglass” and “rectangle”. Women with the “triangle” type can also wear it, but only on the condition of a voluminous top. But for curvaceous women, it is better to pay attention to a long skirt made of light fabric, such as chiffon.

Women with wide hips can choose a tulip skirt or a sun skirt. The latter option, by the way, like a flare, is ideal for any figure: if necessary, it hides the fullness or, on the contrary, adds the missing volume.

Absolutely tight-fitting model will emphasize the lines of the figure such as “hourglass” and “pear”. The high-waisted version with a belt will also visually add height.

What to wear with a leopard print skirt?

If you have already replenished your wardrobe with a stylish leopard print skirt, all that remains is to learn how to create fashionable and correct bows. Surprisingly, but such a thing can be worn almost everywhere (except for business style, of course).

leopard print skirt With top

leopard print skirt With top

T-shirt on thin or wide straps of tight or loose fit will be combined with any style of skirt. Do not forget that for everyday wear, the top should be a calm shade. If you are in harmony with a top with a mini skirt, complete the look with a jacket – so the look will be less defiant. But a T-shirt with a leopard print in tandem with the same skirt can easily replace a dress.

leopard print skirt With a T-shirt

leopard print skirt With a T-shirt

The model of the adjacent silhouette is harmonious when paired with a short flared or tulip skirt. A free model can be supplemented with a straight long skirt or a pencil skirt (in the latter case, tucked in).

leopard print skirt With sweatshirt and sweater

leopard print skirt With sweatshirt and sweater

Knitted and knitted models look most impressive with a maxi skirt. The model can be straight, in a small fold or flared. The same goes for the midi length. By the way, for a casual look, you can choose a sweatshirt or a T-shirt with a small inscription. Such a print will not damage the image, but on the contrary, it will make it more stylish.

leopard print skirt With a blouse or shirt

leopard print skirt With a blouse or shirt

A business top is most suitable for a straight skirt and a pencil. He will add neutrality to the image, allowing you to wear a spotted skirt to the office (if such things are allowed). Loose blouses tucked inside look elegant. The model can be both with sleeves and without them. A denim shirt is perfect for a casual look.

leopard print skirt With a jacket or cardigan

leopard print skirt With a jacket or cardigan

In order to add a touch of severity to the image, complement the image with a predatory skirt with a jacket or cardigan (knitted or knitted). In summer, products of colorful colors are allowed (provided that the bottom is neutral), and in demi-season – classic black. Stylishly, this thing will look with a leather jacket.

If you still do not dare to buy a leopard print dress in an online store, allow yourself a stylish skirt with this print. Taking into account our advice, you can reduce the degree of “predacy” of such a thing with the help of various combinations. And then your image will always be perfect.


A leopard print shirt is one of the most fashionable and stylish wardrobe items this year. It will help you create stunning images and stay in trend. But only if it is correctly combined with other clothes. Since the “predatory” print attracts maximum attention, it is quite complex and choosing a pair for it is not always an easy task. In addition, a T-shirt is a rather open thing and it is important not to cross the line of vulgarity and vulgarity. Therefore, in this article we propose to consider the most advantageous combination options.

Neutral colors

Leopard print in clothes is very fond of basic shades that echo with it. Among them are white, beige, brown, black and derivatives. If you choose a gray leopard dresses, then shades of gray are also added here. Pastel colors will also look especially gentle. If the top is sporty in a form-fitting style, feel free to harmonize it with shorts or plain track pants.

A feminine and beautiful look will turn out if you complement a loose silk T-shirt with lace with a pencil skirt and shoes with heels. In this form, you can easily go to a festive event. And if you put on a strict jacket over it, then even to work (of course, if there are no dress code requirements here). By the way, in the latter case, you can replace the T-shirt with a leopard print blouse .

Stylish denim

Denim clothing is able to smooth out the brightness and aggressiveness of other wardrobe items. The leopard print T-shirt is no exception. For a casual look, you can choose denim in any shade, from light blue to dark blue or black. A thing made of such matter can also be anything: shorts, a skirt, jeans (skinny, boyfriends, straight, etc.). In cool weather, a denim jacket is appropriate. The main thing is that the thing fits into the overall image.

Juicy shades

Surprisingly, leopard print looks quite interesting in tandem with bright colors. Yellow, green, pink, blue, blue and others will allow the “predatory” top to sparkle with new colors. Stylists suggest wearing such sets in the warm season, because brightness is most appropriate here. An impressive result can be achieved if you choose a rich-colored skirt made of silk or chiffon. Moreover, any length is welcome: from mini to maxi.

A special place should be given to the red color. If you choose such a bold combination, remember that you will definitely fall into the spotlight. Such options are acceptable mainly for publication. But with any laconic style of trousers, you can look stylish in everyday life.

Leather clothes

Another option for a fashionable combination is “leopard T-shirt + leather things”. But there are also some caveats here. So, a loose top with leather leggings will look spectacular, but a leather miniskirt can have the opposite effect and reduce the cost of the image. If you still choose such a tandem, balance the look with a neutral cardigan and shoes. A traditional biker jacket is suitable for the cool season, but again with a basic bottom.

But with lacquered clothes, a lot of rivets and catchy accessories, a leopard print T-shirt should not be combined. They will instantly turn a stylish look into a tasteless one.

From head to toes

A spotted total look is definitely the choice of the bold and self-confident. If you consider yourself one of those, combine a predatory top with a leopard print skirt . A model of an adjacent silhouette will be spectacular with a puffy style, and a free one with a pencil skirt. Practicality lovers may prefer trousers. Such combinations are more appropriate in a club or at an evening event.

By the way, to replace a combination of several things, you can easily buy a leopard dress in an online store . Moreover, products of a wide variety of styles are in fashion, including both casual and elegant ones.

And finally…

Since the leopard print top will be the most remarkable thing in your look, it is very important how it looks. Choose a product from fabrics with a beautiful texture: silk, satin, crepe-chiffon and other crepe fabrics. Of the decorative elements, lace is acceptable, and let any rhinestones and stripes remain for other sets. And remember: in the case of leopard print, the rule “the more concise, the better” applies.

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