I used to see only the auditions of Roadies Revolution Winner but gave up since last couple seasons.

In looking at other responses, it’s clear that Roadies Revolution Winner isn’t particularly popular with Quora users. This is not a surprise. There are several things to be considerer.

  1. The show’s popularity grew after the success of the show’s first couple of seasons, it became clear that Raghu (and then Rajeev) tried to become famous themselves.
  2. The TRP-sensible Viewers will look for a reason to their choices but could not find one. The reason was, is and will always be TRP. Will the show be entertaining if they select an intelligent young girl or boy who will not be a fussy about any issue? Gorgeous or snarky girls will have more TRP than a beautiful, sane but sensible girl. MTV knew what sold.
  3. MTV’s demise from Music – A channel that was create to be a music channel (MTV is a shorthand to mean Music Television) made Roadies, Splits Ville as their top-priority shows , and they reserve their prime time slot for these shows.
  4. Audiences – In India there’s huge differences among the young population. There’s a group that watch films at none other than the expensive multiplexes, goes to bowling, CCDs etc and yet there’s significant proportion of youngsters living in cities of Tier-2 or Tier-3 that desire to appear cool regardless of what rules they follow. Roadies’ greatest achievement is in capturing attention of this particular crowd. Their slogan “Stay in the Raw” is a good indicator in a certain way. I don’t believe the show was design for people on Quora, but rather was intend for the sexy and polish Orkut users. 🙂
  5. Innovation Innovative – Innovation – Roadies their credit, they try quite a bit. As I understood that they had newer (sometimes horrendous) assignments, more modern locations , and even newer cities to auditions.

Roadies was a groundbreaking show that had just begun. It was primarily focus on young. The show’s rawness was the primary reason behind its success. The cast were the principal factor in the popularity of the show.

However, when Raghu and Rajiv end the show the show was completely transform .

The rawness that was the foundation of the show was overshadow by the melo dramas, silly actions, fake fights, the devaluing of value and the enthusiasm of the contestants. It was essentially a daily show produce by Ekta Kapoor.

The emphasis is on the visuals in order to make the gang’s leaders and contestants appear better. However, I don’t believe it was what the roadies were all about.

There was a time when I was a huge roadie fan. I didn’t miss a single episode. My parents would berate me for watching the show. Luckily , they didn’t have a clue about Hindi and English (I am an South Indian).

As a teenager , I truly love the show as a teenager. It was an excellent show for teenagers to watch.

I have seen two seasons in which Anthony (Bani was an entrant) was the winner and Ashuthosh took home the prize. Therefore, I will only talk about the episodes. However, if I look back. I’m feeling strange for this

The negatives I saw in the show were

  • I learn a lot of bad words following the show and began using them when I was a teenager, I was influence by that.
  • Aggression is regard as a healthy behavior and it is considered to be a heroic.
  • Girls’ behavior. My god! It’s really disgusting.
  • Insinuating others is considered cool.
  • It’s fine to hurt others’ feelings.
  • The judges harmed contestants through insults to contestants’ mother and sister.

Positive aspects of this demonstrate : 

  • They are open about harassment and molestation that is a true awakening and alertness to women.
  • They talk about the bad world outside. What is happening to people in the world. The world that isn’t being seen by a lot of young people.
  • A lot of successful girls were shown such as Bhargsethu. Milind, Zabi etc….. They were all young and inspiring.

Also Suggestion : What do you think of MTV Roadies Revolution Winner?

I stated what I thought. It’s my personal opinion.

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