Where can I get the daily evaluation of my answers for the UPSC Mains?

This question is very subjective and having two connotations:

  • First, you are WRITING at home and asking for any online platform where you could make your answer reviewed.
  • Second, you are asking for any Coaching Institute which are providing answer writing programme.

If talking about online platforms then there are many like IAS BABA, INSIGHT India, Forum IAS you can take benefit of any platform but there you will get the peer review.

In answer of your second thought, I would suggest you EDEN IAS, answer writing Programme. It is providing two kind of answer writing programme.

  • Beginners Answer Writing Programme: SUGAM
  • Advanced Answer Writing Programme: STEPS

Why you should join any institute for mains answer writing let me elaborate you!!!

A good answer writing programme not only guide you but it can also help you maintain a time-table.

Besides, it will also tell you where you have fared well and where you need to be work more.

In any case, having a regular report card, reviews and remarks on your answer writing is always going to help you in all the possible way.

You will get a guide and mentor and then you will also be able to periodically get your answers checked by them. Then, you can also go for peer review where aspirants check each other’s answers.

The bottom line is that you should not keep writing answers solely but get feedback as well.

You will also be able to learn manage time while attempting the Mains examination mean that you know how to allocate the right amount of time to each question so, that you can complete all the questions within 3 hours.

Feedback is a very important part of the learning process and good feedback can help you with course correction in your preparation, and also help you in the evaluation of progress in your daily mains answer writing practice.

Happy Writing…!!!

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