Scented Candles – What Do You Need to Know?

To have a good time while burning scented candles, you must first decide what kind of candle to burn. Scented candles come in many different forms, and each form has its distinct characteristics. For example, one type of candle may be great for aromatherapy, while another might make your home smell like baby powder or fresh-cut flowers. The following will discuss the different varieties of scented candles and their ideal situations for use.

The most common type of scented candle is an all-purpose variety that contains both wicks and fragrance oils (synthetic or natural) that produce an even scent throw (the amount of scent dispersed into the surrounding environment). Suppliers always choose custom boxes to pack these candles and print all the information on these boxes. These candles are best for homes, offices, retail shops, churches, and restaurants. They are also great for burning when you’re in the immediate area due to their strong scent throw.

This article will provide you with the basics of scented candles. This includes their types, how they are made, candle safety, and some helpful hints on using them around the house or for specific purposes.

Types of Scented Candles

There are four different types of scented candles: taper candles, votive candles, jar candles, and pillar candles. Each type of candle has its specific size, shape, and usage purposes.

Taper Candles 

Taper candles are typically six inches in height with a base diameter of 1/2″. They are slim, tall candles mainly suitable for decorating the home or as part of centerpieces. However, you will see that these candles are suitable for all types of table decor and arrangements.

You can also use these candles in the home to create a romantic dinner atmosphere in your dining room. For example, you could use these slim candles in candelabras or single candle holders designed for taper candles.

Votive Candles 

Votive candles are small, two inches in height, with a base diameter of 3/4″. These types of scented candles come in different colors and finishes. They are suitable for burning in small spaces because they have a smaller wick than other candle varieties.

People use these candles for the decoration of their homes. You can place them in bowls or use them as centerpieces on your dinner table. They are also a very handy option for making arrangements for specific occasions like weddings and Christmas parties.

Votive candles are available in different fragrances – fruity, spicy, floral, and musk. Although these scented candles come with wax wrappers, you can buy personalized labels from craft shops and online candle stores.

Jar Candles 

The typical jar candle is four inches wide by six inches tall with no defined base or top diameter. However, some variations include the wider, taller, and more cylindrical jars. You will typically see these candles in restaurants and other commercial establishments, although plenty of candle companies produce them for the retail market.

To start with votive candles, you can check out glass votives which go well with any decorating theme. They come in affordable packages that include 12 pieces each. Candlemakers ensure the availability of these packs all year round, although they may sell out during the peak seasons such as Christmas.

Pillar Candles 

These are typically three inches thick by one inch wide at the base, with a top diameter of six inches. They are sturdy candles that burn for about 100 hours or longer if not burned too frequently. These scented candles are popular for centerpieces or to highlight certain areas of the home.

You will also see these candles in churches and reception halls. Pillar candles are typically unscented or come in a single scent.

What Do You Need to Consider?

Candles are usually found in a jar or container of some sort. These may be a solid color or a combination color. Candles can also come with various designs on them, such as flowers, seashells, and even cartoon characters! The scent will typically last several weeks to several months, depending on how frequently the candle is burned.

Different types of candles are made from different materials. It will affect the overall quality of the candle and how long it will last. Candle wax is typically made out of soy, paraffin, or palm materials.

All candles need a proper candle holder to be placed in when being used indoors. These holders protect furniture from heat damage and keep anywhere where you intend to put them safe from fire hazards.

Can You Use Scented Candles as A Gift?

Some scented candles double as a gift, and others do not. Candles that come in jars or glass containers can hold flowers after they have burned out. The container is typically reusable and makes a beautiful addition to any room if this is the case.

On the other hand, votive candles are small and typically produce weak smells that will not last very long at all. Therefore, these types of candles should only be used for emergency purposes, such as when the electricity goes out unexpectedly during dinner!

Candle supplier will suggest you that which of candles you should give as a gift. They do so, because they order special print boxes online for these candles, so you can easily use them as a gift.

Tips for Buying Scented Candles

Here are some useful tips for custom boxes when it comes to buying candles:

  1. Choose candles that offer a strong enough fragrance for the room in which you plan on using them. For example, if your bedroom is rather large, choose a candle with a stronger scent than you would ideally like to avoid overpowering the entire room.
  2. If you have an allergy to scented candles, be sure to choose unscented ones so as not to cause irritation or other symptoms while sleeping.
  3. Pick out a fun color or design if you can! It will add personality and style to any room in your home and make your custom boxes even more beautiful!

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