Swimwear with Lacing- The Trend of the Season

This year, fashionable lace-up swimwear is filling the storefronts of real and virtual stores. After all, the undying classic – lacing – has become the trend of 2022, covering not only outerwear, shoes and accessories, but also beachwear. There are several reasons for this: the increasingly refined tastes of fashionistas, the ability to bring discreet sexuality to the image and the ability to emphasize dignity, as well as hide figure flaws even in such an open product.

Types of “laced” swimsuits

One of the main advantages of such swimsuits is their variety. Lace-up models are available in both one-piece and separate versions. In beach collections, you can see the styles of completely different swimsuits, decorated with lacing. Here are sports models, and classic ones for swimming, and exquisite ones for pool parties. You can complement the image with a suitable beach tunic or pareo. The top ones this season are:

  • swimsuits with lacing in front (open and closed);
2 Swimwear with lacing in front - the trend of the season
  • closed models with lacing on the back;
3 Swimwear with lacing at the back - the trend of the season
  • swimsuits with lacing and flounce on the chest, and sometimes sleeves;
  • separate models with a high waistline on panties (here the lacing is located on the sides or in the middle);
4 Swimwear with a high waist with lacing - the trend of the season
  • swimwear in a sporty style with a top (sometimes elongated), as well as with shorts;
5 Sports swimwear with lacing - the trend of the season
  • gang models (without straps);
  • with thin or wide straps;
  • swimsuits with sleeves (short and long);
6 Swimwear with laced sleeves is the trend of the season
  • one- piece swimsuits with deep cutouts on the hips;
  • knitted swimsuits (often separate, with lacing on the chest).
7 Knitted swimwear with lacing - the trend of the season

Each of the presented options is able to visually make adjustments to the figure. So, swimsuits with lacing on the sides draw attention to the legs and hips, make the silhouette slimmer. But the lacing on the chest will suit the owners of both a small and a magnificent bust. The thing is that in the first case, lacing will visually add volume, and in the second case, it will serve as a fixative. Often lacing is located in several places of the product at once, for example, on the chest and on the sides.

9 Swimwear with lacing - the trend of the season

Lacing is a very attractive element of a swimsuit, but you need to be careful with it. It is necessary to choose the right size, otherwise even a slender silhouette may seem complete. For curvaceous ladies, it is better to choose models with one lacing (otherwise, the image will come out overloaded).

Colors of fashionable swimwear with lacing

Summer 2022 pleases not only with stylish styles of swimwear, but also with their colors. The choice of shade depends on what effect you want to achieve. So, the blue color is ideal for a beach swimsuit and a holiday at sea. The beauty of a tanned body is emphasized by classic white and black products. An interesting effect of a naked body can be achieved with a swimsuit in flesh tones (powder, beige, etc.). The metallic color does not leave the fashion catwalks, but such swimsuits are more likely to be suitable for parties. And if you want to create an incredibly bright beach look, pay attention to the models of red, pink, yellow, acid salad and purple flowers – they are considered real trends.

11 Swimwear with lacing trendy colors - the trend of the season

The lacing itself can match or contrast in color with the main product. In especially original versions, it can be made of printed fabric (and the swimsuit itself is plain).

And this season, you should definitely buy a swimsuit with a print. The “squeak” of fashion was products with a floral pattern, palm leaves and tropical motifs in general, animal print (leopard and snake colors are held in high esteem), checkered, striped and with various kinds of ornaments.

10 Printed swimwear with lacing is the trend of the season

In general, both one-piece swimsuits with lacing and separate ones look unusually sensual and seductive, emphasize the femininity of forms, create an effect of slight mystery and an unsurpassed image. So feel free to purchase a model for your figure and conquer with beauty even on vacation.


Stylish and original, open and closed, plain and with prints – 2022 swimwear “breaks” into the wardrobes of fashionistas and delights with the opportunity to show their individuality. After all, fashionable modern swimwear is presented in such a wide range that it will be difficult not to choose the right one. Here are classic models for swimming, elegant ones for beach parties, and comfortable sports ones for volleyball, surfing, etc. Beach tunics or pareos will help you complete the beach look .

1 Fashionable swimwear of the season 2018

Swimwear fashion trends 2022: styles

This year, as before, separate swimsuits and one-piece (or closed) swimsuits are in fashion. If we talk about styles, then there are many of them. So it will not be difficult to choose a swimsuit depending on the features of the figure. Relevant this summer:

  1. Classic bikini – a swimsuit consisting of a bodice with thin straps and small panties. It is worth remembering that such a model is suitable for owners of ideal parameters.
  2. Bathing suits gang . In the traditional version of such a swimsuit, the bodice consists of a regular strip of fabric. Today you can find models with various bodices, but their main feature is the absence of straps. At the same time, modern models are more practical: the straps can be removable.

    2 Fashion swimwear 2018 Bandeau
  3. Owners of beautiful breasts may prefer halter swimsuits. In them, the straps are tied or fastened at the neck. Often they are performed with a cup.

    3 Fashion swimwear 2018 Halter
  4. Plunge is a swimsuit with a deep cut on the chest and back. This is a one-piece swimsuit style that will suit girls who want to create a very seductive look.
  5. Mayo is a one-piece swimsuit style, which has wide sewn-on straps.
  6. Tankini is a swimsuit, the top of which is actually a T-shirt. Bottom – classic panties or shorts. The top can be a bandeau style or with thin straps. Tankini will hide imperfections in the abdomen and sides.

    4 Fashion swimwear 2018 Tankini
  7. Swimdress – swimsuit with a skirt. The fused versions of this model hide imperfections in the hips, so they are ideal for overweight women. Separate – fit a slender lady.

    5 Fashion swimwear 2018 Swimdress

A separate category is occupied by monokini swimsuits. We can say that they are an intermediate link between a one-piece and a separate swimsuit, since they have all kinds of cutouts in the area of ​​the sides and abdomen. Monokini this year at the peak of popularity.

6 Trendy swimwear 2018 Monokini

Trends 2022

If you have already decided on the style of a bathing suit, then the main thing is done. It remains to think over the details of the ideal model. Among the main trends this year:

  • swimsuits with lacing and straps;
7 Fashion swimwear 2018 Lace-up
  • with fringe and tassels;
8 Fashion swimwear 2018 With fringes
  • with a variety of flounces and ruffles;
9 Fashionable swimwear 2018 With flounces
  • with stripes and ties;
  • with lace inserts and bows;
  • models in retro style, panties in which have a high waistline;
10 Trendy Swimwear 2018 Retro
  • crop top – models in which the top is made in the form of a top (look great in classic and sports versions);
  • one- piece swimsuits with deep cutouts on the chest and hips in the style of the 80s;
  • open swimwear with thongs;
  • swimsuits with short and even long sleeves (can be made of transparent or other light fabric);
  • knitted swimwear;
11 Fashionable swimwear 2018 Knitted
  • in sports style.

Surprisingly, for parties on the beach or by the pool today you can buy an elegant swimsuit. It can be made of transparent fabric and decorated with rhinestones, sequins, feathers, etc.

Color solutions for stylish swimwear

You can choose almost any shade of a women’s swimsuit. At the same time, this season, designers have relied on a contrasting combination of black and white, shades of red and olive, khaki, yellow, orange, light green, emerald and blue. This year’s trendy metallic (golden and silver) is also relevant for swimwear. Skin tones are also in trend – powder, peach, coffee. They create the effect of a piquantly naked body, therefore they are often diluted with black inserts, for example, at the waist.

12 Fashion Swimwear 2018 Color Solutions

The variety of prints on modern models is simply stunning. Today you can buy a swimsuit with almost any pattern:

  • floristic themes;
  • animalistic: leopard spots, zebra stripes, peacock feathers, etc.;
  • geometric;
  • cell;
  • peas;
  • abstraction;
  • ethnic motives;
  • inscriptions;
  • maritime theme;
  • pin-up drawings, etc.
13 Fashion swimwear 2018 Prints

As you can see, fashion trends for swimwear are very diverse and democratic. You can find a product for every taste and type of figure. Choose “your” style, enjoy a wonderful holiday and conquer others with your stylish and attractive beach look.