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Types of Toilets

No bathroom is a bathroom without a toilet. Perhaps when we talk about a family bathroom, the most used fixture will inevitably be a toilet. However, when it comes to bathroom makeovers, most people often ignore them. It will not be wrong to say that homeowners don’t have much knowledge about it the different types available in the market. Are you too planning for a bathroom upgrade? Will it not be boring if you don’t change or upgrade your toilet? After all, these can play their part in the overall aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. 

The first thing that may come to your mind when planning for a toilet replacement is whether to go for the same toilet type or order a new one. While there are many types of toilets available knowing which one will be a perfect fit for your bathroom is vital. 

In this blog, we are going to provide you with all the information that you may need about different types of toilets. 

Different Types of Toilets in the UK. 

Toilets are available in different names, types, and brands. But one thing that distinguishes their types is their parts. For example, knowing whether a toilet is built into a single or a double piece.  

One-Piece Toilets 

These are the types of toilets that are built as a single unit. That means both the cistern and toilet bowl are joined together closely. 

Close Coupled Toilets

Most of such toilets are also known as close coupled toilets. These look like a toilet bowl having a cistern or flush tank fitted on its back. You buy them and install them as a single unit and cannot separate them. These toilets have their own advantages over others. Few of these are 

  • Easier Installation.  When it comes to installation, there is no comparison between close-coupled and other toilets. It is very easy to install and that means you can fit It yourself with a basic knowledge of DIY projects. That means you can save a good chunk of money from it. 
  • Most Popular Design.  Although there have been many changes to the design over time. The close-coupled standard look is the same. Everyone recognizes it and it is the most installed toilet in the UK. The reason for its popularity may be its easier installation, maintenance, and affordability. You may now find all the modern features and new shapes with these toilets as well. 
  • Affordable. These toilets are budget-friendly in comparison to two-piece toilets. You can even save money from the installation as these are easier to install and take less time to set up. 
  • Durable. These are hardwearing and don’t get problems easily. Even if they do, you can easily solve them as the cistern is accessible. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that in case of cracks and leakages, you will have to replace the whole unit instead of an only the bowl or a cistern.
  • Modern Features. There is an availability of close coupled toilets that are loaded with modern features like short projection, dual flush mechanism, rimless toilet bowls, etc. Moreover, you can find all the contemporary design features with these toilets as well. 

Two-Piece Toilets. 

The second option among all toilets that you have available is two-piece toilets. These are any toilet that is available as a separate toilet bowl and cistern. 

  • Back to Wall Toilets.  These are the types of toilets that sit on the floor against the wall or WC furniture units. Both types of cisterns remain completely hidden. Since it provides cleaner and tidier looks, many homeowners who want contemporary bathrooms opt for this type of toilet. These have two main parts a toilet bowl that you can purchase separately and a cistern that will remain hidden inside the wall or WC units. These are relatively expensive and considered a modern option. Its unit price and installation cost will be much higher than the single-piece close-coupled toilet. 
  • Wall Hung Toilets. Another type of two-piece toilet is wall hung toilet that is considered to be a space-saving and luxurious toilet among all. These fit on the wall with no connection to the floor. That makes your bathroom looks spacious. Its cistern will require inside the wall fitting that remains inside that. You can control flush with a button available on the back of your bowl. These are preferred for minimalist and space-saving features. These have much higher unit prices in comparison to the close-coupled toilets. In addition to that since the installation is difficult, the plumber will take more time to fit it which will increase the overall cost of installation. In case of a problem, you may replace either part separately. But to access the cistern, you will have to open the wall and then fix the problem. 

Final Thoughts. 

We have divided toilets into two major parts that are one-piece and two-piece toilets. These can further be categorized as close coupled toilets, wall-hung toilets, and back to wall toilets. Most of the different shapes are a variation of these types. You should choose the toilet as per your aesthetics and functional requirements.