What is the best way to prepare for Mains answer writing?

UPSC Examination has been designed in such a way that it pushes the aspirants to its maximum limits. It checks one’s objective skills, subjective skills and last but not least during interview overall personality.

There are many examples of aspirants who were able to clear the Prelims in all their 6 attempts, but didn’t make it in Mains Examination List. The reason is quite clear that some where they must be lacking in subjective representation.  So, mains answer writing practice is very important.

Mains Answer Writing is basically an art and one cannot be the master of this art in a day. It takes some hard work and time of some weeks and months to be the master of writing. So, knowing what is the right time and how to prepare for it is the most important thing.

The right time for starting the practice of answer writing is always “now”. So, the day when you started preparing for UPSC, is the day when you should start writing practice. It must be looking very vague, how one can start answer writing when even he/she is not acquainted with the syllabus. Yes, it is very much possible. But for the same you need to follow some steps:

  • Start reading NCERTs and try to solve the backend questions, write at least one answer daily. Try to evaluate the answer by yourself and check have you met the demand of the question.
  • Read the newspaper and solve the questions (at least one) related to the same day news article. You can find the related questions on any of the online platform.
  • If you are not able to find the question then try to frame question by yourself from the editorial section and write the answer by yourself too.
  • There are some coaching’s such as EDEN IAS, which do provide class work after the class, that class work needs to be solved very diligently. It helps a lot in improving your answer writing.
  • After finishing a single topic, try to solve the questions related to that topic. For example: Suppose you are reading Ancient History and you are done with the topic Mauryan Empire. Go and search the questions of that section, from previous year question papers and solve it.
  • Only for the purpose of answer writing you can also join any coaching’s answer writing programmed. The benefits of joining answer writing programmed are that you get some mentoring too. And there will be a guide who will help you in making you aware that where you are going right, where you are going wrong!!
  • There are many coaching’s which providing answer writing platforms such as Insight on India, IAS Baba, Forum IAS, EDEN IAS etc. But EDEN IAS answer writing programmed is one of the best. The reason for the same is their answer writing programmed has been divided in two categories
  • One for Beginners: SUGAM (here beginners are the aspirants who has never written model answers, who are newbie to the answer writing thing).
  • Other is for the people whose marks are stuck and creating plateau called STEPS
  • The good thing about this coaching’s answer writing programmer is good guidance, timely evaluation and value addition.
  • If one is following any of the above steps, he/she is definitely going to improve their UPSC answer writing

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