Everyone has different ideas about beauty, ideal shapes and proportions of the figure, and this is wonderful, and the styles of dresses for obese girls presented in online and offline stores impress with a variety of cut lines, a play of textures and a color palette. We will tell you how to choose exactly the dress that will make your appearance flawless, visually hide those extra pounds, and put the right accents on the advantages of the figure.

About print and color

Let’s start with these parameters, because it is with them that our perception of the appearance of clothing in general begins. When choosing a batal dress, it is better to refuse catchy patterns on the fabric, horizontal stripes, large contrasting peas. Such a print can make the figure even more voluminous and emphasize the disproportion. Give preference to a narrow vertical stripe, delicate floral or geometric print.

Plain fabric is a great choice. Fabrics in cold shades are ideal: the whole palette of blue, purple, turquoise, green. Do you want to be in trend? Choose nude shades of lavender. Plus size dresses are always win-win in dark blue, black, emerald. As you can see, the owners of magnificent forms do not have to look like gray mice.

Optimal length

In this matter, as nowhere else, it is important to avoid extremes. A dress that is too short or long to the floor on a short girl looks awkward. Owners of beautiful calves can choose casual dresses in large sizes in the middle of the knee. Midi length is optimal if the calves are full: bet on the beauty and grace of the ankles. Tall girls can safely choose dresses and sundresses with a floor-length skirt, but at the same time, the dress should emphasize the waist line or the line under the bust. A shapeless hoodie can only create additional volume.

Pay lines

If your size starts with two X’s or more, due attention should be paid to the cut of the model. In order to emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide its problem areas, various tucks and allowances, styles that create vertical and diagonal lines along the silhouette, cut-off bodices and waists have been invented, you need to take a closer look at how it works. Look through the pages of the online catalog, which presents models of dresses for full girls. And you will be surprised to find that in the photo ladies with magnificent forms can look luxurious in a sheath dress, which has always been considered the prerogative of thin women, or a fitted dress with a belt.

A trapezoidal dress will visually disguise voluminous hips, so women with a pear-shaped figure often prefer such models.

Warm and summer dresses in large sizes are a winning option for any body type. V-shaped neckline, formed by the shelves of the dress, visually makes the neck longer. In addition, the neckline draws attention to the décolleté and chest, and in this delicate aspect, plump girls almost always have something to brag about.

For girls with an apple-shaped figure, it is better to abandon models with a rectangular neckline and a too-fitting silhouette. When you want to look especially elegant, you can choose two-layer plus size evening dresses , in which the base bottom layer of dense fabric forms the contour, and the flowing and airy upper masks its flaws.

The easiest way to choose an evening dress is for girls with an hourglass figure type. Almost any style suits them, but without frills. Arm yourself with the rule of “3 not” when choosing: not short, not tight, not shiny. Especially effective will look cut with a smell.

A little about decor and accessories

A bright patch with inscriptions or a belt with a buckle are quite appropriate on a batal dress, but the accent should be located in the most advantageous area of ​​​​the figure. Therefore, if beads or rhinestones – then only on the flawless neckline of the “apple”, a contrasting belt – on the thin waist of the “hourglass”, aiguillettes and shoulder straps from accessories – on the graceful shoulders of the “pear”.

Having thoroughly studied the materiel, it is not at all difficult to choose the styles of dresses that will allow full girls to look exceptionally attractive all year round. Therefore, continue reading our blog, and for more examples, look at the Glem online catalog.


This year, when fashion collections dazzle with exciting brilliance, the question “How to wear shiny clothes?” discouraged experienced and young women of the fair sex. Boutique showcases beckon with products with holography, inlays, metallic effect and other elements that radiate downright cosmic radiance. Every girl wants to match the trendy images, but at the same time there is a fear of making a mistake in the composition of the set. Indeed, as a result of incorrect combinations, instead of the desired chic appearance, you will get a ridiculous or outrageous look. To prevent this from happening, in this article we will talk about how to correctly place accents and thus boldly wear sequined clothes.

Little tricks

Shiny things can visually add volume to the physique, it is worth remembering this and beating such wardrobe items in accordance with personal parameters. This does not mean that sparkling details should be excluded from the wardrobe of curvaceous girls. You just need to learn how to wear them skillfully. And then the problem areas will remain in the shadows, and the seductive curves of the silhouette will excite the imagination of men. Here are the top tips that will transform the look beyond recognition:

  1. A sweatshirt with sequins in this area will help to visually enlarge the chest.
  2. A jacket or scarf made of shiny fabric can divert attention from wide hips.
  3. You can adjust the shape of the legs with the help of sequin boots with a soft top.
  4. Emphasize the beauty of slender legs with shiny trousers or a skirt.
  5. The waist will be highlighted by a belt bag with a holographic surface.
  6. Compliance with these recommendations is half of an impeccable image. The second and priority part is the submission. Do not be shy about the imperfections of your own body, turn them into virtues. Learn to proudly demonstrate to the world your self-sufficiency. And then the charm that will come from you, in tandem with a shining outfit, will cause genuine interest in your person. Have you believed in yourself and are ready to conquer fashion peaks? Then get acquainted with how it is reasonable to do it.

7.    Glitter effect dresses

  • To make the dress play with modulations in the sun or under the rays of artificial light, designers use rhinestones, sequins, and stones as decorations. Also, a similar result is achieved if the attire is made of metallized or other similar fabric. Often girls choose such outfits for evening events and try not to use them when creating everyday outfits. But in vain! Women’s shiny dresses are represented by an abundance of models, among which there are many both festive and everyday options.
  • Evening dresses look self-sufficient and do not require accompanying catchy elements. Choose minimalist cuts that are not overloaded with sequins. Wear with classic pumps or laconic heels.

For every day, get a monochrome straight midi dress with long sleeves or three-quarters. A casual look is completed with a plain jacket and rough shoes.

You can also wear a dress with shiny details to work, but be careful in choosing. In this case, minimalism dominates – neat embroidery with metallic threads on the sleeves or miniature pebbles along the contour in the neck area. A strict dress of a base shade with a slight shiny sheen is allowed. In the rest of the elements, stick to the office dress code.

We advise you to get a similar dress for the New Year , because the next 12 months of our life will pass under the auspices of the White or Metal Rat. This “lady” will surely love the total shine look that you will be wearing on the threshold of 2020.

Shiny shorts and skirts

You can draw attention to graceful legs with the help of shining shorts or skirts. Both pieces of clothing look lovely with matte blouses and shirts. The hit of the current and upcoming season is a mid-length pleated skirt. Win-win options for it will be:

  • voluminous knitted sweaters;
  • laconic black cashmere turtlenecks;
  • minimalistic white t-shirts;
  • monochrome jackets;
  • flat shoes.


Glitter tops are very popular. With the help of properly selected additional gizmos, a jacket or jacket can be included both in a solemn and in an outstanding set. In the first case, a unique duet will turn out with a little black dress. In the second – play on contrasts. Combine the luxury of a shiny product with the simplicity of casual attributes: high-waisted jeans, a funny T-shirt and sneakers. Wear metallic jackets with black skinny or leggings.

Shiny blouses and tops

Such things organically fit into outfits for parties and club hangouts, which you can go to right after work. To do this, in the morning, put on dark cropped trousers, a top with rhinestones and a masculine cut jacket. During the day, it will be comfortable in shoes without a heel. But in the evening in the same outfit, but in tandem with stylish boats, you can safely light up the dance floor and attract the attention of handsome men with a luxurious look.

Do you want to shine and dazzle those around you with charming decorations? You don’t need much for this – just buy shiny clothes and create charming looks using the tips from this article. You can get products that are made in accordance with the latest fashion trends in the online store “Glem”. The catalog contains chic women’s dresses with sequins and other attractive attributes.

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