White Sundress and Polka Dot Sundress : Fashionable Styles

When it comes to summer women’s clothing, the first to come to mind are white sundresses – light and not hot, sophisticated and romantic. Most of the beach, walking, holiday and office sets are combined with them. Each representative of the charming half of humanity considers it necessary to have at least one such outfit in her wardrobe, and preferably a couple of pieces for individual occasions.

New trends of White Sundress

Models of this year’s summer sundresses , including white ones, are characterized by a certain carelessness, free cut and asymmetry of lines, openness and weightlessness. For this, the designers have resorted to the use of translucent, lightweight natural and combined fabrics. Cotton, linen, chiffon, soft, cambric and silk were used. But the most demanded material was proshva. Sundresses from the past in the past couple of years have reached their peak of popularity. And this season, such options account for more than half of the assortment offered by manufacturers.

This summer, to buy a snow-white women’s sundress is in the cut options presented below:

  • A fitted midi model with a tight bodice with wide straps and a square neckline is a godsend for office workers
  • An outfit with a bustier bodice decorated with lace and a similar trim along the hem is a suitable option for evening events.
  • Wear knits with a straight or loose hem to the beach as an alternative to pareos.
  • Short sundresses with thin straps with a flying skirt are also suitable for a beach holiday, and fit graceful girls can safely put on them for a walk.
  • Asymmetric positions remain relevant – on one shoulder, with an uneven hem line, etc.

When you get tired of monochrome, pay attention to combined models with bright accents and contrasting details. For example, white outfits with black buttons are in fashion now. 

New trends of White Sundress

Separate accessories for each style

Versatile white sundresses are not whimsical in terms of combination with different types of jewelry, shoes and other additional components of the bow. Nevertheless, fashion experts analyzed which accessories more emphasize a particular model and came to the following conclusions:

  • a stylish and feminine dress in the Greek style will look together with gladiator sandals and coral-colored jewelry or natural pearl jewelry;
  • with a maxi dress trimmed with lace, you can recreate the image of a young lady of the last century by wearing an elegant hat and neat sandals with thin straps;
  • the longer the sundress, the more open the shoes should be.

Otherwise, be guided by personal preference, taste and intuition.  Such a headdress (not the essence of what color) will not only add charming notes to the created composition, but also protect the shoulders, as well as the face from the scorching sun rays. The outfit will be decorated with bracelets, which must be selected, guided by the style of the image, as well as the bag. Wicker, textile and leather handbags are welcome.

Treat yourself to the snow-white sundress of the fashion brand “Glem”. In our online store you can order luxury models at a pleasant price with prompt delivery across USA. We invite you to our website for good shopping!

Polka Dot Sundress – Fashionable Classic

Polka Dot Sundress

Since the polka-dot sundress has long been considered a classic , when there is a need to create an elegant and elegant summer look for work or leisure, women of fashion turn to this particular model. This option has rightfully earned unlimited fame in the fashion world.

Just think how many advantages a polka-dot print outfit has. First of all, it is the status “out of time and competition”. If your wardrobe contains a classic sundress in a basic color embodiment, strewn with peas, you don’t have to worry about its relevance. This style falls into the category of trends every year.

And with such a thing, it is easy to create outfits with different moods: conservative, flirtatious, businesslike, carefree, romantic and whatever you want, depending on the situation. To set the right tone for the composition, it is enough to choose the appropriate cut of the product and variations of the pattern.

An excursion into history

No one is able to reliably determine the date of the appearance of pea sundresses, but nevertheless, facts indicate that products with such a pattern have been known for more than three centuries.

Back in the 18th century in Spain, performers of the fiery flamenco dance wore long dresses decorated with flounces with or without puffy sleeves (prototypes of today’s sundresses with straps) in large peas. Such a pattern on the costumes of dancers remained as part of the culture of the Romans. Gypsies wore outfits with round mirrors sewn on them, symbolizing the moon. It was believed that such details are able to protect from the evil eye. Thus, in Spanish, the name of the pea print means “little moons”.

Polka dot sundress: modern trends

Couturiers are still inspired by the pea print and offer extraordinary interpretations. In particular, summer sundresses surprise with their variegation and color . If you study the latest spring-summer collections, you can highlight the following trend features of the proposed models:

  • the dominance of the classic palette: black or blue peas on a white background and vice versa;
  • nude scale: dark and light points on a powdery and creamy canvas;
  • multi-colored dot pattern;
  • small and medium sized peas prevail;
  • The current fashion pleases with a large selection of models, among which young girls and ladies in their prime, slim and plump, can find a suitable instance. By the way, for luxurious plus-size women, our online store has prepared a line of sundresses, the size and location of the bitmap on which will contribute to the visual correction of proportions.

 Outfit framing

In order for an outfit with polka dots to impress others and emphasize the unique taste of the owner, you should pay attention to additional details of the image. Keep in mind that even modern women’s sundresses with a pea print, like summer dresses in this role, bear a vintage imprint. If you prefer this direction in clothes, then you can keep the images completely in a retro style. If not, then it is necessary to add elements to the look that will refresh it and bring it closer to modernity. 

Little things like that are extremely important, and sets will play differently with them. To get an idea of ​​what modern outfits look like with classic black and white dotted sundresses , as well as brightly colored cuts, check out the samples shown in the photo.

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